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Fotostory, Niedersachsen
Nachdem wir schon einmal im Herbst in Wolfenbüttel waren, haben wir die Stadt jetzt zur Sommerzeit erkundet und mal geschaut, was es da alles gibt. Das Thema Kulinarik kam – wie so oft bei uns – vor. Lecker Essen ist ja immer gut. Und Trinken. Gut, dass es beides in Wolfenbüttel gibt. Fachwerk war natürlich auch wieder ein Thema und wir haben diesmal viel mit dem Fahrrad gemacht. Aber lest selbst… Die ganze Geschichte gibt es bald auf dem Echtlessig-Blog zu lesen. Hier schon mal vorab ein paar Impressionen. Wer schon mal den Artikel in englisch lesen will, kann das hier: Summertime in Wolfenbüttel   Fotos © DieMeurers

Fotostory, Kulinarik, Niedersachsen
In Wolfenbüttel haben wir mit sehr frischen und regionalen Zutaten einen Mangoldstrudel gekocht. Den ganzen Bericht findet Ihr bald auf dem Echtlessig-Blog mit vielen Bildern und einer Schritt für Schritt Anleitung. Hier schon mal ein paar Bilder (alle Fotos © DieMeurers). Auf English gibt es die Anleitung schon hier bei uns im Blog: How to make mangold strudel Alle Fotos © DieMeurers

Lower Saxony, Photostory
Let’s talk about summertime. About freshness. No. Not about the fresh temperatures. But about fresh things that you can find now everywhere. Fresh vegetables, fresh herbs, fresh drinks, juicy fruits…  

Wolfenbüttel has been a gardener’s town.

More than 100 gardeners grew vegetables and provided people with tubers and salads. Today unfortunately not much is left. But we looked out for some traces of the old times and searched for gardeners. When we were strolling through town we not only noticed the numerous half timbered houses with all the tiny details. But we also came across a special flower-bed. In front of the church St. Trinitatis. This one was looking different to the other flower-beds. And when you take a closer look you will realize. Those are no flowers. This is vegetable. In the middle of the city. No wonder. As this flower-bed is right beside the gardener’s memorial. And there they really grow vegetables. Also some seldom varieties. At least we had to ask at several points to find out what it is. Some vegetables we knew. Like mangold or lovage. But there were others. And – as always – we were curious and asked around. The answers were vague: „Maybe green cabbage. Or a special sort of savoy cabbage?“ „No this is mangold. A special type of mangold.“ Hmmm… nobody really knew.

So we went to the gardener’s museum.

200 people are caring for this museum in their free time. Among them are also some gardeners. They should know. Of course they did! It is a special type of green cabbage, called: „Lerchenzunge“. (Lark’s tongue). Wonderful. So this is cleared. Once we are there we can as well have a look around. The museum is right to my taste. Ha, ha. Taste has a double meaning here! Because this museum is not only about theory. Here you can do some gardening. You will find a lot of vegetable patches and some flower-beds. Everything grows here. And therefore the taste. You may harvest here. With competent support you can learn about plants and gardening and you may try it out yourself. Especially the harvesting of potatoes is supposed to be very popular. With a tasting afterwards of course! As I said. Totally to my taste.   So I had a look around the patches and found something. I only say: Yummy! But I get distracted… In the museum you will hear all about the history of the gardeners and learn about the tools and equipment. You can stroll around in the garden and – as mentioned – do it yourself during guided tours. One tool has even been invented in Wolfenbüttel. The „Schüffeleisen“. A special tool to get rid of the unwanted plants. Again something learned.   In the house everything is like in former times. From the washstand over the oven in the living room to the cooker and the welsh dresser in the kitchen. And there even is a boiler room. In those boilers everything has been cooked: sausage after the slaughter, clothes from the whole family and apples to make apply syrup. They still work though. At special days the boiler will be fired. So the gardener’s museum is worth a visit. As it does not open on a daily basis here is a tipp from us: When the colourful ribbons are flutter in the wind on the flagpole the museum is open. By the way: There is also freshly baked cake.   Enough talk bout fresh and gardening and harvest. Now we want to do it ourselves and want to cook something. No sooner said than done. Right now there is so much ripe for harvesting. Everywhere fruits twinkle below the leaves. Salad is shining green. Herb gardens flow over. Corn fields glow yellow or are just harvested. At the market so much is offered. And the air is full of smells and flavours. And there are still a handful of gardeners in Wolfenbüttel. So we went to see the „Gemüsescheune“ (vegetable barn). Here vegetable is still grown. So we harvested a salad and some herbs. The first ingredients were there. Then we went to the flower-bed at the gardener’s memorial to harvest mangold. There are some plant with various glowing colours. Wonderful. The other things we had to buy in the supermarket. Next time we have to find out where we can get fresh eggs, butter and milk from a farm. But that’s a different story.   Good. So we went to the chef of the „Jugendgästehaus“. A kind of a youth hostel. There we cooked with all these nice things a mangold strudel. How it is done you will find in detail in a different article: How to make mangold strudel   It was really funny anyway to work with such nice fresh stuff and cook with it. After work we enjoyed some fresh air. You can get around quite well by bike in Wolfenbüttel. We rented e-bikes from the tourist office and cycled through green parks and along the water. Did you know that the air is little bit more fresh at the water? They say it is about one or two degrees.   You can also experience some fresh air right in the city. We like to sit outside and enjoy a coffee. Have we talked about freshly roasted and freshly made coffee, yet? Or how about a freshly baked cake? Or a freshly grilled bratwurst? Everything is available. And there is freshly brewed beer. Yes, we found that as well. There is a new brewery – Mad Dukes Brewery. They have celebrated a party for their first fresh craft beer. There were some nice varieties: An espresso-stout, a pale ale and the new „Weizenbüttler“, a wheat beer. For the special burst of freshness try the beer ice cream. There were all three of them as ice cream. It’ s a must. An explosion of flavours.   After all this partying we went to the beach. Quickly we arrive with our bikes at the „Strandwolf“ and had a freshly made cocktail while we were playing with our toes in the sand. Great! If you need more freshness put you feet into the water.

There it is again. The feeling of freshness. „Wellbeingbüttel“. At summertime.

So? Where do find freshness in Wolfenbüttel? All photos © DieMeurers

One more thing: half timbered houses in Wolfenbüttel

Anf because Wolfenbüttel has so many awesome half timbered houses here are some more impressions:

Sunset over Wolfenbüttel

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Food, Lower Saxony, Photostory
We tried it and cooked with freshly harvested ingredients from the region of Wolfenbüttel. Thanks to the kitchen staff of the Jugendgästehaus in Wolfenbüttel that we were allowed to look over their shoulder. And thanks for the Gemüsescheune that we could watch the harvesting. And thanks to the town’s gardener for the nice vegetable patch in the city.

We want to make mangold strudel with a side salad.

So let’s start. All the ingredients.

Let’s first prepare the strudel dough.

Mix egg, flour and water And knead it.   Add oil and work it in.   Do another pressure test. Let the dough rest for at least half an hour.

During that time you can prepare the mangold.

Wash the mangold, dry it and rip the stem out. Cut the stems. Cut the leaves. Peel onions and garlic and cut it. Sweat the onions and the garlic and add the stems   Stirr eggs. Cut the cheese into cubes. Add the cheese to the eggs Add the mangold leaves to the frying stems and fry them as well Add the fried mangold to the egg and cheese cream and mix it.  

For the salad

Wash the salad and pluck it. Pluck the leaves from the herbs and fry the herbs in oil and add some maple sirup Grate the carrots and add some lemon peel Cut an apple into small pieces Fry the apple with a little bit of sugar and add the carrots Let the apple and carrots dry on a kitchen paper

Back to the strudle dough

Stretch the strudel dough out. Start with the hands an turn the dough around. Work on with the rolling pin. Stretch the dough further over your hand. Put the dough on a clean dishcloth and stretch it further. Put some melted butter on it. Put grounded almonds on it. Fry some whole mangold leaves shortly in olive oil from both sides. Put them on the dough. Add the pressed mangold mixture.   Put egg yolk on the edges Fold the strudel and roll it with the dishcloth into a firm roll.   Put the strudel into an oiled form, put egg yolk on the top and put the strudel into the oven.  

While the strudel is in the oven you can prepare the sauce.

Heat egg yolks in a bain-marie and stirr them with some starch flour, salt and vegetable stock.   Add nutmeg

The salad

Decorate the salad on plates and add the crispy herbs and caramelized apple and carrots

Back to the strudel

Get the strudel out of the oven, cut it and arrange it on a plate   Add some nutmeg whip and decorate it Enjoy! Tell us about your best mangold recipe! All Photos © DieMeurers MerkenMerken MerkenMerken

Niedersachsen, Tagebuch
Nach Mülheim an der Ruhr hatten wir wieder ein paar Tage ohne Auftrag und haben diese Zeit nicht mit Freizeitaktivitäten verbracht sondern haben sie tatsächlich auch wieder zum Arbeiten genutzt. Diesmal für ein paar andere neue Projekte. Ich habe weiter an meinem Buch geschrieben und die erste Textfassung dann auch tatsächlich fertig bekommen. Juchuu! Jetzt geht es ans überarbeiten und die passenden Bilder dazu muss ich heraus suchen. Puh! Das wird noch ein ganzes Stück Arbeit. Achim hat in der Zeit an einem Fotokalender und einem Fotobuch gearbeitet. Ja! Es wird zwei Fotokalender 2018 geben in Kooperationen und es wird ein Fotobuch geben. Details folgen bald. Die Fotoauswahl war mal wieder mit das schwierigste dabei. Und die Zuordnung beim Kalender zum jeweiligen Monat. Und dann müssen natürlich die Druckdaten bearbeitet werden. Das alles kostet sehr viel Zeit und wäre in einer normalen Woche gar nicht möglich. Und dann begann unsere offizielle Zeit in Wolfenbüttel direkt mit einer Craft-Beer-Party. Super! Und  die Themen in Wolfenbüttel waren ansonsten Fachwerk, gärtnern, Fachwerk, Fahrradfahren, Fachwerk, Gemüse, Fachwerk, kochen, Fachwerk, Strand, Fachwerk und Museum. Hier gibt es die ganze Geschichte zu lesen: Sommer in Wolfenbüttel Und hier gibt es eine Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung für Mangoldstrudel: Mangoldstrudel selber machen Um das Fachwerk kommt man hier halt nicht drum herum. Wir müssen uns mal langsam merken, welches Haus und welche Tür und welches Detail wir schon fotografiert haben… Ich glaube, wir haben schon einiges doppelt. Gut bei den Türen gibt es jetzt andere Dekoration: blühende Blumen statt Weihnachtskränze, aber sonst… Wie merkt man sich das?? Und dann ist auch noch ein Photowalk geplant… Immerhin gibt es da ein Thema sonst würden wir wohl zum dritten Mal das gleiche Haus ablichten. Fahrradfahren in Wolfenbüttel macht richtig Spaß. Wenn das Wetter etwas freundlicher gewesen wäre, hätten wir noch viel mehr Kilometer zurück gelegt. Denn hier kann man oft auf Nebenstraßen oder in Parks fahren und darf auch mal entgegen der Einbahnstraße unterwegs sein. Und es gibt keinen großen Steigungen. Sehr angenehm. Am Schluss konnten wir noch kurz das schmale Haus besichtigen dürfen, was gerade zum Ferienhaus umgestaltet wird. Wir sind schon sehr gespannt auf das Endergebnis. Die ersten Eindrücke waren schon mal viel versprechend. Wir machen jetzt einen Abstecher nach Bremerhaven und sind dann wieder in der Gegend – nämlich im Nördlichen Harzvorland.

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Diary, Lower Saxony
After our stay in Mülheim an der Ruhr we had some days off and used the time not for leisure but we instead used them for work. This time we worked on some other projects. I went on with writing my book and really managed to finish the first text version. Yeah! Now I will start with proofreading and then of course I have to search for the adequate photos. Phew! That will be quite some work, too. Achim worked on a photo calendar and on a photo book at the same time. Yes! There will be two different photo calendars in 2018 in cooperation and there will be a photo book. Details will be provided soon. The most difficult part was to select the photos. And assigning them to the respective month in the calendar. And then the job files have to be prepared as well. All these things are time consuming and we could not do them within a regular work week. After that our official time in Wolfenbüttel started with a craft beer party. Great start! The topics this week were otherwise half-timber, gardening, half-timber, cycling, half-timber, vegetables, half-timber, cooking, half-timber, beach, half-timber and museum. Here you can the full story about Summer Time in Wolfenbüttel And here you will find the recipe for How to make Mangoldstrudel You can’t avoid half-timbered houses here. We really have to start marking which houses and doors and details we already have photographed… I think some photos are double already. Okay at the doors there are different decorations: blooming flowers instead of a Christmas wreath, but otherwise… How can we memorise it?? And there is a photowalk scheduled… Luckily there is a topic fixes otherwise we would have taken pictures of the houses and doors for the third time. We enjoyed riding our bikes in Wolfenbüttel. It is much fun. If the weather would have been a little bit more friendly we would have covered more kilometers. Here you can cycle often on side roads or in parks and against the one way direction. And there are no big inclines. Very comfortable. In the end we could peek into the smallest house which is just being formed into a holiday flat. We are really curious how it will look in the end. But the first impressions are promising. Now we are going for one week to Bremerhaven and after that we will be in the region again – at the Northern Harz Foreland.

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