We went directly from the ABC Star Conference in the evening through pouring rain to the Cuddling Hotel Seewirt at lake Mattsee. We have been here before several times and it is always nice. At any season.







This time it was all about new hotel photos, because there are wonderful new suites. Nice and big. With a bath tub in front of the window with lake view. Or even with own sauna and a wooden tub outside. We had to put a spotlight on these new rooms. At sunrise or late in the evening with the fireplace.

Neue Suiten im Kuschelhotel Seewirt Mattsee im Salzburgerland, by Array. Neue Suiten im Kuschelhotel Seewirt Mattsee im Salzburgerland, by Array.

Neue Suiten im Kuschelhotel Seewirt Mattsee im Salzburgerland, by Array. Neue Suiten im Kuschelhotel Seewirt Mattsee im Salzburgerland, by Array. Neue Suiten im Kuschelhotel Seewirt Mattsee im Salzburgerland, by Array. Neue Suiten im Kuschelhotel Seewirt Mattsee im Salzburgerland, by Array. Neue Suiten im Kuschelhotel Seewirt Mattsee im Salzburgerland, by Array.



That was a lot of work. Like always we struggled with the bedclothes and the curtains. Classic. But – like always – it was worth the effort.

MakingOF Fotoshooting Kuschelhotel Seewirt Mattsee by Achim Meurer. MakingOF Fotoshooting Kuschelhotel Seewirt Mattsee by Achim Meurer. MakingOF Fotoshooting Kuschelhotel Seewirt Mattsee by Achim Meurer.



In between we walke around Mattsee and took some spring impressions. Weather was again pur April. From early summer temperatures to some centimeters of snow we had everything.

It has been again a wonderful work place. With view to the lake. And even if the season had not yet begun there was always something going on on the lake. You always have something to watch. Fascinating. And there was the very good kitchen from the restaurant lust.reich. What else do you need? Work is fun like that.

From here we will to South Tyrol to a wine grower

All Photos © WaltzingMeurers

From the Vinocamp we went directly to Salzburg Land. But with one stop over. Our very first night in our car: Matilda. We got a very good tipp for a restaurant along the highway A 8 and looked out for a nice place to stay overnight and to sleep. But it was very very cold that night. And we should have tried our park heating before. Anyway. Now we know more.

The next day I was ill, though. In the afternoon we had a very interesting meeting with potential business partners and afterwards we went to the hotel and I went straight away into the bed and stayed there for a whole week. Achim also got ill so that this week was a compulsory break for us. All the things that we had planned for that week had to be cancelled and out to do list got longer.

At the very last day we went to visit ‚our‘ beach. It is such a nice place.

And then we went off towards Hart bei Graz for another stopover. Easter bunny and stuff…

After our pitstop we went to Großarl. We have been here one year ago. Again we lived at the Hotel Kristall – or rather in their new holiday apartments at the Alpenpark and in the hotel Tauernhof.

ferienwohnung-alpenpark-grossarl-salzburgerland_7538_hdr by Array.

As both have made changes and renovations new photos were needed and we nearly only did that. The Tauernhof is family run and has 100 rooms. Additionally there is a huge restaurant and an ample spa. That’s a lot to do if you want to take pictures of all of that.

And don’t forget the holiday flats. Those vary in size and partition. In the biggest one 8 people can stay. With two bathrooms and several sleeping rooms there are immediately a number of photo motives.

HDR-Meurer wouldn’t be the HDR-Meurer if he would not take HDR-photos. This technique though is more time consuming than normal photography so that each picture requires more expenditure. For each hotel room you need to calculate 1 to 1,5 hours. If the room is prepared perfectly it would go quicker. But most of the time some curtains have to be tamed.

Talking about curtains. We finally could ask a professional decorator how to handle stubborn curtains. Her answer was not really helpful: „You can’t do anything about it.“ Most of the curtains in hotels or touristic facilities are impregnated so that they are of low flammability. But through this procedure they get stiff and can hardly be toned. So there is nothing else for it but to come back to our common tricks and tools like pins, adhesive tape and manual persuasive power.

We hardly left hotel and holiday flat. Großarl was humming with excitement shortly before the opening of the winter season. Many hotels and restaurants were closed for renovation, cleaning or just a break before the stress ski season.

winter-landschaft-sonnenuntergang-grossarl-salzburgerland_7163_hdr by Array. vollmond-supermoon-grossarl-salzburgerland_7177 by Array.

The Salzburg Mountain Advent opened but we were still waiting for snow…

We cared about our minor complaints. My shoulder is still aching heavily. But a visit to another physiotherapist brought new findings. It looks like a cramped muscle blocks the shoulder blade from moving. Laptop worker…

We founded our own company: It is called „Die Meurers OÜ“ and is an Estonian company. Why we choose this model is worth a blog post. Registering and founding was quickly done online. Very nice!

We are working on bookings for us for 2017 and have planned some alterations. More about that soon.

Now we go again to the Ruhr area and are looking forward to it.



So we are again in and at Mattsee. (Our report from Mattsee in March you can read here)

We arrived at beautiful sunshine and on the lake there was a lot of activity. Boats, surfers, SUPs, swimmer… Everybody was in and on the water.

Right next morning we talked about the photo motives and were really lucky to find two wonderful models, which dedicated one whole day of their vacation to a photo shooting.

Mattsee-Seewirt-Kuschelhotel_9359 1

We went once through the complete hotel. From the rooftop to the spa, on the balcony, at lunch, at a pick nick on a paddle boat, at dinner and finally around sunset in the pool. The whole day we took pictures. But the results are not to bad, aren’t they?

We visited the museum of the monastery and admired the treasures that the church collected over the centuries.

Mattsee-Seewirt-Kuschelhotel_9684_85_86_87_88_89_90 Mattsee-Seewirt-Kuschelhotel_9717_18_19_20_21_22_23

At the cafe in the castle we had some coffee.


We also had a beer. You can visit the Trumer brewery with a guided tour. You can walk through the old and new brewhouse and afterwards can taste the beer.

We also visited the pipe factory. Unfortunately a dying off handicraft: pipe carving. There are also  figures of saints, sculptures and figures for nativity scenes made. You can watch and look over the shoulder of the carving master. The bodies are prepared machinable by sampling a model. After that the bodies will be finished manually and also painted by hand if necessary. A complex work.

We also took pictures of the passenger ship on the Mattsee. It is not easy to navigate with two boats so that the photo motif can be captured in a good angle. But with our personal skipper – the Seewirt himself – it was no problem at all.

Mattsee-Seewirt-Kuschelhotel_9997 Mattsee-Seewirt-Kuschelhotel_9992 Mattsee-Seewirt-Kuschelhotel_9979

After that we went away from the water and on to the Buchberg. In the nature park there are a lot of ways paths and theme paths. There is even a summit cross and a summit log. But you will also find nice places to relax or great views. For children there is a playground.

We were lucky because at the weekend there was the handicraft festival. Here we could admire a lot of handicrafts. Very very interesting. For us there were some new crafts like chair caning. A community carpet has been felted and Finnish Kuksa has been carved or textiles have been colored with natural ingredients.

We are nocturnal as well. When there is a starry night you just have to take advantage of it.

Mattsee-Seewirt-Kuschelhotel_9148 Mattsee-Seewirt-Kuschelhotel_9133 Mattsee-Seewirt-Kuschelhotel_9131

Again a colourful week with a lot of different subjects, nice people and great impressions.

Here are much more photos about the Mattsee and surrounding.

Like always all photos © Waltzing Meurers 



Our 37th week of waltzing we spent at the Kirchenwirt in Unken. We have been here already for two weeks when we were the to explore the Saalach valley. But this time it was all about the hotel itself.


Contrary to the Lungau in Unken it looked more like spring. There was so much green to be seen. But we had only eyes for the house:

We documented the breakfast in different variations. In the summer time it is arranged a little bit different than in winter times because then you can sit outside at the terrace.

On the photo shooting list was also the cosy ‘Stüberl'. It was duffed a little bit for that.


The spa was the next subject. Sauna, entrance, relaxation room with a wall made out of salt and a infrared cabin hat to be planned, discussed and of course to be photographed.

DSC_4079_8_7_6_5_4_3_2_1_HDR-Bearbeitet DSC_4118_7_6_5_4_3_2_1_HDR

Culinary arts were next on the list. At the Kirchenwirt sometimes there are special weeks like Burger Week. So we had burger as models. One of them we afterwards had for lunch and really enjoyed it. Those are no simple burgers. The buns are specially made for them and are nice and crispy. The patties are handmade and formed. It comes with fresh vegetables and sauces. A stand out is the vegetarian nut burger. You should try it!

One day we spent in Salzburg to organize some things and I needed more reading material. Unfortunately open book shelves are not very common at Salzburg Land. So I had some kind of a jam… Regarding reading while waltzing will surely be worth another post one day.

DSC_4368 DSC_4364

Finally some hotel rooms had to be photographed. And all the data had to be edited of course.

At the very last day the weather was really nice so that we could try another hiking trail. Directly at the hotel starts the Gneis-Steig. It leads along the hillside to the frontier to Germany. Back we went at the river of the Saalach. A really nice and diversified round trail.

A short introduction to Lightroom followed and our hotel photo shooting week was over.

That week we especially liked the exchange and discussions with very nice people. That's how we like waltzing.


This week we were again booked by a hotel: The romantic cuddly hotel Seewirt at Mattsee. We knew the hotel from earlier stays and jobs. The special thing about it: It is children free. Everything is aimed for couples to feel relaxed and romantic.

Kuschelhotel Seewirt Mattsee

At the agenda were a lot of small details and the surrounding of the hotel. So we did some photo shootings from different staff members: From the spa, kitchen, service, reception and so on. All caught during their work.

DSC_4677 DSC_4725

But we also took pictures from the surrounding. What can be found near the hotel – in case you want to leave the hotel at all. After all it is called a cuddly hotel…

DSC_4782 DSC_4947_6_5_4_3_HDR DSC_5142_1_0_HDR-Bearbeitet

And we took a walk around the lake and really did the 13 km around that it takes to walk around whole lake.

DSC_5135 DSC_5136 DSC_5154 DSC_5181

This time the lake has still been in hibernation. That means there were no water sport activities at all. The lands have not been in the water yet. And in case there were lands they have been completely empty. Not a single boat has been in the water while we were there. So the lake offers a totally different sight than during the peak season. Each time has their own special charm. The transition from winter to spring is very special. One day it can be white outside and the next day you walk in sunshine.

Again a special waltzing week. Amazing how much you can discover in a hotel and in the neighbourhood…