First impressions from Niedernsill


We are in Niedernsill at Salzburgerland. It is a small place with 2000something inhabitants at the river Salzach.

After spending some hours sitting in the car on our way to Niedernsill we took the chance to have a nice (photo)walk. While walking through the lovely town the decoration of it is eye-catching. All over Niedernsill you find small and cosy places with benches or other seating. And everything looks quite new and tidy.

As you enter the village for example:

Crossing the bridge over the Salzach there is this lovely place with information board with a map and event notes. And as a special offer there is are scales. Good for us as we have given away ours.


Right at the center you will find the beautiful church. We had to enter of course and found two striking modern offers:

Holy Water by the liter

and a grave candle vending machine.


Very useful. Whether lighters are also provided we could not find out.

At the border of Niedernsill there is a picturesque swimming lake


with a very nice offer for bikers, which are cycling the Tauernradweg for example:


(1 Hour Cards for bikers)

A short stop over, jump in the lake and drive on totally refreshed. What a nice idea!

Directly at the lake you can find ‘Luziparc' a leisure parc with a lot of offers for young and old with tennis fields, a sand-box, a skater parc with a half pipe and so on.

There should be something for every age. There is even a water play ground with Barrage. Unfortunately there was no water. Otherwise it would have been very interesting for the young-at-hearts…


Niedernsill is a lovely small and neat village with a lot of nice decoration even at private houses.


We are really looking forward to our further stay here. And it is the perfect start for a lot of interesting tours.

And that's how it looks through Achim's camera:

If you want to know something about Niedernsill, leave a comment.


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