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Stadtansichten von Bremerhaven by Array.

Bremerhaven – Water, Ships and Fish

One thing struck us at our first discovery tour: Bremerhaven has much space. All streets and places are wide and vast and nothing is really narrow. Between the houses there is much space and you can always see far. You are always near to water. It looks quite strange when a car seems to drive over … [weiterlesen...]

Stadtansichten von Bremerhaven by Achim Meurer.

Week 115: Bremerhaven

From Wolfenbüttel we went to Bremerhaven. The highways have been really full and there have been huge traffic jams which we avoided with a nice detour with beautiful roads and old trees and lovely villages. We could have been shortly before two o’clock at our holiday flat if there would not have … [weiterlesen...]

Sonnenuntergang am Standrand von Wolfenbüttel by Array.

Summertime in Wolfenbüttel

Let’s talk about summertime. About freshness. No. Not about the fresh temperatures. But about fresh things that you can find now everywhere. Fresh vegetables, fresh herbs, fresh drinks, juicy fruits…   Wolfenbüttel has been a gardener’s town. More than 100 gardeners grew vegetables … [weiterlesen...]