Home made food at Gasthof Kröll Niedernsill

Gasthof Kröll Niedernsill smoked fish

The owner of Gasthof Kröll in Niedernsill, Ralf Kröll, is a trained chef and loves not only to cook for his guests but also to prepare other delicacies like self baked bread or fresh cheese.

Gasthof Kröll Niedernsill

We had the chance to watch him baking bread, smoking trouts and preparing fresh cheese.

Baking Bread

For the bread he had the dough prepared the night before. Again very early (v e r y early!) we watched him heat the oven. The oven is placed in a separate baking house in the middle of the huge ground and lovely garden of the Gasthof. There Ralf owns a baking oven, a smoking oven and a grill plate. The oven is stocked with wood to the rim and then a fire is started and may burn down for nearly two hours.

Gasthof Kröll Niedernsill Brot backen

In the mean time the trouts were prepared and hung in the smoking oven. And the bread dough was formed into loafs.

Gasthof Kröll Niedernsill Fisch räuchern

It is much more fun when you do it in collaboration and the tourism office is involved…

Gasthof Kröll Niedernsill Brot backen

When the fire stops the oven is swept and cleaned with saltwater. Then the bread is placed in the oven and can bake for half an hour.

When the bread was ready also the trouts were smoked and were a georgeous lunch!!

Fresh made Cheese

Gasthof Kröll Niedernsill Frischkäse

Ralf made also fresh cheese and the preparation was like the one at Schaunberghof. You add lab-ferment to the warm milk and stirr the coagulated milk half an hour later. The mass was put into forms so that the whey could drop and the fresh cheese was ready. It can be marinated or put into spiced oil. Yummy!