Photostory, Salzburger Land

How Pinzgauer Beer Cheese is made

Very early in the morning (v e r y early!) we visited the Shaunberghof in Niedernsill to learn about the making of Pinzgauer Beer Cheese. First you need milk separated into milk and cream. From the cream we made butter. The milk we used for the cheese. It needs a certain temperature. Than you add lab-ferment. And you have to wait for an hour. Luckyly the butter was ready and we had a georgeous breakfast with bread and freshly made butter. That nearly made up for the early start… In the mean time the lab-ferment has done its job and the milk has coagulated and was cut into small pieces. It was put into forms and the whey was pressed out. After one day you can bring the pieces to the cheese cellar where it will get a massage with salt every day for eight weeks. You can buy the cheese at the Dorfmarkt in Piesendorf and in the summer time also at the Schaunbergalm.

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