Rauchkuchl: When culinary arts meet a rustic fireplace


You have to go to the Rauchkuchl they said. It's an event. Okay!  So we went to Stuhlfelden. A nice little village with a small castle. (now a school) Beautiful. And there was a rustic old wooden house. Maybe it is Schwaigerlehen. No sign. No information. We parked our car anyway.

Schwaigerlehen Theresia Bacher Rauchkuchl Stuhlfelden

A very old wooden door. A sign: 500 years organic farm. Thats it. We went in and heard a strong voice: “Oh hallo!” A firm handshake. A stern look. Resi knows what she wants: “What do we say? ” “Monika and Achim” “Well Achim, close that door I do not want to heat in vain!” Bam!

Schwaigerlehen Theresia Bacher Rauchkuchl Stuhlfelden

Resi is special. She looks very thoroughly for a producer for her food. Apart from that what she has herself in her garden or in the woods. And it is not a question of a certificate or standard. She looks at the personality. And if the person is honest and authentic, than she buys. It has to be suitable. For Resi.

Resi resides at her office – well, office is a too profane word. Nothing is profane in her house from 1486. Everything is true to original and you sleep on a horse hair mattress. Resi wants it exactly like that.

Schwaigerlehen Theresia Bacher Rauchkuchl Stuhlfelden

And Resi decides what her guests get for example as a starter. “Trixie!” She shouts to her assistant with her strong voice. It sounds like “Trixiiiiiiiieeeeee!” With a screeching sound. And then she thinks aloud whether to take apple mint or chocolate mint with the sparkling wine. No chocolate mint. She is not waiting for a suggestion or an answer. Resi decides.

And if a guest takes too long to order a beer or a wine (there is not much choice: wine from Kiss and draft beer from Stiegel) she ends the discussion with a strict: “Suck that up then!” It doesn't matter who her guest is.

Schwaigerlehen Theresia Bacher Rauchkuchl Stuhlfelden

And it doesn't matter whether the photographer wants to take pictures. “Achim go quickly to the kitchen amd get me some farmers butter. At once!” And Achim runs….

Nevertheless you enjoy being with Resi at her house because she wants nothing but the best for her guests. Thats her philosophy. Just the best.

Schwaigerlehen Theresia Bacher Rauchkuchl Stuhlfelden

But Resi… You must meet her yourself!

Food at the Schwaigerlehen you only get on request. And if you do not want to drive any more (or can't) you can stay in one of the five lovely rooms or sleep in the hen house if necessary.