The Wollstadel is a paradise for wool lovers

The Wollstadel in Bramberg is a paradise for all that are interested in sheepwool and its products. Here you can find wool in any colours but also handmade hats, jackets or special shoes.

Schafwolle Wollstadel Bramberg


We were invited to watch and learn about felting. The very fine preparated wool is placed on a model and after that is soaked with soap water.

Felting Filzen Wollstadel Bramberg

When the form is fixed you can remove the model and start felting by gently rubbing the wool with the soap water. This takes a while. When the piece is strong enough you can decorate it.

Felting Filzen Wollstadel Bramberg

We choose a capricorne which lives in the region but our star sign is also capricorne. And we added lambs and alpine flowers. Again you have to rub the wool with lot of soap water. Or you roll it with a giant Sushi-Mat. When the felt is strong enough you can rinse it in clear water and dry it.

Felting Filzen Wollstadel Bramberg

Felting is not the only handicraft that is used at the Wollstadel.

Pinzga Doggel

There you can find an old fashioned shoe called Pinzga Doggel. These shoes were made out of old coats. Recycling or up cycling is no new invention. You need six or seven layers of cloth and you add a insole and fix it with stitches. After that you cover it with the upper cloth and fix this.

Pinzga Doggeln Wollstadel Bramberg

Then the sole is added and fixed through very small cuts in the felt with small stitches and yarn that has been prepared with bees wax before. This all takes hours and a lot of physical power because everything must be really tight. These shoes lasted for years and you never had cold or sweaty feet.


Knitting Stricken Wollstadel Bramberg

Another way to use lambswool is knitting. The owner showed us an old pattern for gloves. Isn’t it beautiful. Because of the double layer you will never get cold hands even while skiing.

Wollstadel Bramberg

The shop is worth a visit. It is neat and beautifully decorated and you can feel the passion of the owners in every corner. Different courses are also offered so that you can learn about felting or knitting. And you will surely find a nice souvenir.

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