Hiking through woods and meadows

We enjoy hiking and took our hiking shoes with us on our waltzing tour. So we were really pleased to find ready made hiking tours through the black forest. But somehow the hiking tours and we do not really get together. On Facebook you would say: The Meurers are in a relationship with Hiking Tours but it is complicated.

On our first hiking adventure we got completely lost und could luckily without a machete fight our way back to a hiking trail. But we admit we made some mistakes:

  • We went without the hiking booklet
  • We relied on the hiking signs
  • We believed it would be a consistent system
  • We walked against the hiking direction

So! Our fault! But maybe we are spoiled by other countries where you have one number and you follow this number the whole day long. But we do not give up! Our next “hike” took place near civilisation. The so called “golf course round”. And again we found differences between tour and actual signs. This time it was not so bad because we could not get lost in the city.

The third trial was yesterday. A part from a hiking tour. We could start right from the door from our holiday flat. And we were prepared. We had the booklet! (unfortunately you can't get the tour online as announced). We looked for the signs. We walked in the given direction…

… and again have not understood the system. Maybe you have to study “Hikologie” or something. But we did not get lost; even if we were not sure about the way sometimes. We knew we had to find a special sign (e. g. Springbrunnen). But we could not find out about the name of the signs.


And then – back at the flat – we looked it up again. I told you: Hikologie!! The signs do have a name!

Anyway… It is a pity that you have to take the booklet with you. Next time I will tear out the page in question. That is more useful…

Having said that… The tours are all really beautifully planned. All the hiking tours we took so far lead through awesome forests and fields. And if you walk through the streets in the city you walk through calm side roads or nice housing estates.

We do not give up! We will definitely try again. There!

And here are some impressions from our tour from Achim. Nice aren't they??


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