Third Week of Waltzing is over

Hui! Time is running while waltzing. That's for sure! We experience so much and wham – one week is gone.

So the third week is over. We moved from Salzburger Land to the Black Forest. Both have beautiful landscapes. One has higher mountains. And the houses look completely different. But concerning the language we would need subtitles in both regions..

We are in the Black Forest for Schwarzwald-Plus and have to document all adventures. That's something…

First of all we went to the car wash. Of course after such a long journey the car is dirty. Then we visited two different golf courses. We did not know how beautiful these courses can be. And we went with a golf car. Yeah! That was fun! We found out that you can instead of a golf bag transport as well a photo bag…

We have been to the underground parking in Freudenstadt which is right under the biggest market place of Germany.

We also went hiking again and struggled with the sign posts. We were about to learn the secrets of making a Black Forest cake but as there was a bank holiday this week it has been cancelled.

By pure chance we discovered the nice timbered houses of Dornstetten (we were actually looking for something to eat…)

And we – again – got up very early to catch the Panorama-Bad in Freudenstadt without visitors. Afterwards we checked out the spa. It was great!

We have stayed on a very modern farm with automatic glass sliding doors to the stable and a milking robot. Very interesting. In our holiday flat we lived above some little calves. But it was a very nice wooden house with a lot of space and two patios. The weather permitted that we could spend a lot of time outside.

Landschaft Schwarzwald

We now own a “hand bag router” and carry a WIFI with us all the time.

And – why are we not surprised – we struggle again with bureaucracy. And there is no end to it yet.

Anyway! We are looking forward to our next week which we will spent in Baiersbronn.

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