First week of waltzing

The first week of waltzing is over. And we experienced a lot. We have met very nice hosts at Gasthof Kröll. We hat too many and too long meetings and business talks. We met very interesting personalities. We watched how cheese and bread and fresh cheese is made and how fish is smoked. We planned far too much for one week. We have too many things with us and have to get rid of some of it. (Did we talk about storage?) We got some functional clothing. We had to buy hard disks already. We still fight with bureaucracy. We went hiking and saw a keltic place. We arranged the stuff in our suitcases in a new way. We ate very yummy things. We made not enough yoga. We discovered at the end of the week the fitness room of the Gasthof. We relaxed in the sauna. We spent some Euros at an alpine snack. We tweeted more than 200 messages. We took hundreds of pictures. We wrote loads of blogposts. We have to get into a waltzing rhythm. We share a common twitter account and have to agree on who twitters what and when. We fought with a very (v e r y !) slow Wifi connection. We get very yummy things to eat. We got first presents. We walked through a high moor. We slept in a granary. We made hotel photos. We have a first heap of laundry. We watched stone cutting. We watched felting. We have heard a lot of stories and anecdotes. We learned how to make Pinzga Doggeln. We watched knitting. We showed how to do finger knitting. We have talked about needle binding. We have been to the national park worlds. We met Isonta. We walked through Niedernsill. We went to fetch milk from an organic farm. We fight with technology sometimes. We got loads of flyers and offers from touristic attractions. We still have to discover so much! We are so excited. We are looking forward to our second week of waltzing.


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