Week 5 Cold and Cake

Mathildenstraße 165 41239 Mönchengladbach

During our fifth waltz week we were mainly trying to get better and did not do very much.

We moved to the Sackmanns and tried to relax there from week four.

We just did one thing but this very thoroughly which was very nice: We visited a black forest cake baking class. Awesome!

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

Are there other courses or workshops where you can learn to prepare a regional culinary speciality? Like ‘Himmel und Äd' in Cologne or ‘Salzburger Nockerln' in Salzburg? Write your tipps in a comment, please!

We enjoyed the class! We were allowed to also watch the preparation the day before and the actual class was very funny. We could try out everything, cut the sponge bake case, decorate the cream and try the ingredients of course. And we learned a lot of tricks. A very interesting adventure!


In fine spirit and trying to get healthy we start into week six.