Week 6: Quite a lot to do

Though not really completely feeling healthy we started into week 6 of our waltz.

We moved to the beautiful Schwarzwald-Chalet.

Ferienhaus Schwarzwald Chalet Ferienhaus Schwarzwald Chalet

And because the weather was also quite nice we experienced a lot of adventures from Schwarzwald Plus.

We visited the Auto- und Uhrenwelt, an exhibition about clocks and cars. But it is not only about vehicles but you can see a lot about the living in the times after the second world war. You should bring some time because a few steps away there is the car collection Steim with very nice luxury cars. So there is quite a lot to admire.

Uhren- und Automuseum Schramberg

We have been to the Subiaco Cinema in Freudenstadt. It is very cosy with some sofas and maybe the most comfortable cinema seats in Germany. The snacks come from the ‚Weltladen‘ and the programme is very wide and there are also some movies in the original language.

Subiaco Kino Freudenstadt

We have been so some open air pools and to two other miniature golf areas.

Freibad Loßburg

We went with the ‚Kurbähnle‘ around Freudenstadt and rented a GPS device for geo-caching. And we watched a second baking show about black forest cake in Freudenstadt. And this cake was completely different. Very interesting.

Back-Seminar Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

Wow! Quite a lot! But we had to catch up with our list…

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