Week 7: Heatwave and Baden Baden

Our seventh week we spent at the Landhotel Jägerstüble. From there it is not that far to Baden Baden. Therefore we spent two whole days there…

Woche7 Schwarzwald Walz

But first things first…

We already have been a week in Schwarzenberg. It is a very calm village but on the other hand time seems to stand still there also, as we found „one slice of bread with imitation lox“ on the menu.

Schwarzenberg Woche7 Schwarzwald Walz

Our mobile router only worked in the flower-box at the balcony.


But the village has a beautiful wine well. A must see.

Another must see is the observation deck Ellbachseeblick in Kniebis. It is not really barrier free – as described – but worth a visit. We have to come here again in the early morning at the sunrise. (Did I really say early??)

Aussichtsplattform auf den Schwarzwald

Kniebis has another stunning hiking trail: the Kniebiser Heimatpfad. It goes surprisingly enough trough a hotel garden, but if you dare the trail is fabulas. We have searched for signs again, but we arrived safely.

Woche7 Schwarzwald Walz

The circular walking route number „5“ is simply marked with the number „5“ on signs. There you go! Number 5 leads to the look-out „Hohloturm“ – warning: beware of dizziness while walking up or down – and then through a high moor. Really stunning as you walk on wooden planks and nature is absolutely beautiful there.

Woche7 Schwarzwald Walz

In the afternoon we went to the African Festival in Freudenstadt and drank funny beer named „Djudju“ and tried spicy food.

On our way home to Schwarzenberg our car thought it had to be noticed somehow and showed a message on the display: „Exhaust fumes – Garage!“


So! The handbook said: Stop at once! But we drove carefully to Schwarzenberg and parked our car. The next morning, the message was gone but came back on our way to Baden Baden. So we looked for a garage and found in the middle of nowhere a great VW-garage. There we got an all-clear, so that we could finally drive to Baden Baden.

First stop was a golf area. To our great pleasure we were given a golf cart and could explore the course on our own. Hihi! That was fun! Okay we got lost once but the area is huge. The course is really beautiful with lots of old trees and there is a nice restaurant.

Woche7 Schwarzwald Walz

After that we went to the cool museum Frieder Burda. Pro Tipp: In the summer time when experiencing a heat wave visit a museum. It is a cool place!

The museum is worth a visit for its architecture alone. When we were there we saw the Mack exhibition which fits perfectly into the building and is worth visiting.

Museum Frieden Burda Baden-Baden Woche7 Schwarzwald Walz

Another nice and cool place in Baden Baden is the Festspielhaus.

If there take the guided tour backstage. Your receive a lot of information about Germanys biggest opera house and you can actually stand on the huge stage. Maybe you meet an international super star during their rehearsal.

Festspielhaus Baden-Baden Woche7 Schwarzwald Walz

Unfortunately our tour with the Merkurbergbahn did not take place for any reason, which we had planned as a nice ending of the day. What a pity!

Anyway. We celebrated the sundown and full moon rise at a high spot at the Schwarzwaldhochstraße during a picknick.


And finally we went to the open air pool Schönmünzach.

Alltogether a potpourri with nature and high culture and lots of degrees celsius!!


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