Week 9: CulinaryArts and Co

In Week nine it was about culinary arts but also some leisure time fun.

We moved again. This time into the holiday flat Murgtalblick. And the name is right. You can look quite far from the top there.

Haus Murgtalblick Schwarzwald_6090_89_88_87_86_85_84_HDR Haus Murgtalblick

First we tried the nature golf at Klosterreichenbach. This is so funny. You only play nine holes but they are anything but plane. You play on cobble stones, wood or sand. And you never know where the ball will jump to…

After that we went to see black forest gammon. We learned a lot about the production of this culinary speciality from the black forest. And of course we had a look into the smokehouse and could taste the delicacies.

Räucherspezialitäten Pfau

And we went to see pony stables, where you can take a ride in beautiful nature. But we forwent it…


Weather has been summer like again this week so we visited two open air pools: the forest pool Kniebis and the open air pool Klosterreichenbach. Each on their own a very nice family pool. We are amazed how many affectionately designed pools there are in the area. Very nice! You can easily visit a different pool each day…

Freibad Kniebis Freibad Klosterreichenbach

Then we turned to the treats again and visited no less than two winegrower in Oberkirch. At the Oberkircher Winzer you can join a guided tour through the cellars and learn a lot about the production of wine and of course you may try it afterwards… At the winery Julius Renner you can experience a small wine tasting and learn why Riesling in the black forest is not called Riesling… Did you know??

Oberkircher Winzer

By the way. Oberkirch is worth a visit. At the center there are wonderful old timber houses and a brook flows through. Dreamlike. Nearly like holiday – uh wait!

Oberkircher Winzer

And we have been to the barefoot park in Dornstetten. A must see! The trail leads through partly shady forest. And you walk on things, that you could hardly before imagine walking on barefoot. I don't reveal anything here. You have to go there yourself…

Barfußpark Dornstetten Barfußpark Dornstetten

The rest of the week we spent working on the photos and texts of our discoveries and unfortunately bureaucracy again. Did you ever try to do you tax declaration en route??

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