Week 12: Photos, Pools and Archery

Again a week passed by… How time flies… Last week we had two different domiciles: An incredible creative holiday flat – but unfortunately without Wifi – and then we stayed at the Tanne Tonbach. An innovative hotel with unusual facilities like a beer merry-go-round or a tree house sauna. But the most unusual thing was that we slept in different rooms. But that’s why we are on tour; to try out new things.

First we had to work some time on all the things that we did the week before, when we experienced quite a lot. But we still had the time to discover and visit interesting sites and events.

In Neuenbürg we have been to an medieval festival. That was quite relaxed but also really huge. There has been a handicraft quarter, a camp, a jousting area and a market with quite a lot culinary offers. The atmosphere was very nice and we enjoyed our stay very much.

Mittelaltermarkt Neuenbürg

Unfortunately another office day followed. This bureaucracy is really annoying because hardly anyone understands that it does not make sense to send us letters. They will go to our address but won’t reach us…

But such a day in the office eventually passes by and we have been on tour again:

With that hot weather at the moment you can hardly see enough open air swimming pools. We visited as many as three different pools: Baiersbronn, Obertal and the ecological swimming pool Mitteltal. Each pool is special. In Baiersbronn there is a quite high slide with 6 meters. In Obertal you have a miniature golf area on the swimming pool ground and in Mitteltal you enjoy chlorine-free water. And all are nice and cozy…

Freibad Baiersbronn Freibad Obertal Freibad Mitteltal

And then it got sporty. We tried again something new: Archery. Not at all easy but in a group with funny exercises and small competitions it was great fun. Though you will take home some bruises.

Mo beim Bogenschießen

Because of the hot weather we transferred our hiking tours to the evening and discovered some nice trails through the beautiful nature. That’s just great in the black forest. You walk out of the door and are in the middle of the forest.


And now we are again looking forward to our next challenges in the upcoming week.

Und hier noch ein paar Fotos vom Mittelaltermarkt in Neuenbürg

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