Week 13: Segway-Tour and Ostrich Farm

Quite late but finally here: our weekly review. The last week has been again very interesting. The title of this post does not show all of it.

On Saturday we moved – like every week. We went to the Hotel Schloss Silberberg. High above on a hill at the end of a dead end street you have not only a gorgeous view over the valley but it is also very quiet. The guests are a wild mix and rather international. There are a lot of activities offered in the hotel like fitness room, Sauna, Billiard, Darts and a youth room. We liked our stay there very much and met interesting people.

But we could not enjoy the quietness very long and we were on the move again. We did a segway tour. First you get an introduction with theory and lots of practical exercises. It is not easy to step on such a thing let alone to steer it. But with professional trainers and lots of practice it works. Finally we went on the segways through the forest to a awesome view. We could see all over Baiersbronn. A very nice experience!

Segway Tour

After that we tried e-bikes or rather pedelecs we should say and did a short tour to the Sankenbachsee. We definitely have to do that again!

E-Bike Tour durch das Sankenbachtal

From the Sankenbach valley we went to a ostrich farm. There were also other animals apart from ostriches like alpacas, lamas, camels, dromedaries, donkeys, goats, pot-bellied pigs and even kangaroos!

You can get quite near to the animals apart from the ostrich chicks. They are behind glas but also very cute. The other animals are in open-air enclosures and partly quite curious. And they have funny hairdos!

Kamel & Straussen Farm

Because of the ongoing heat wave we treated ourselves with another wine cellar visit. The Affentaler Winzergenossenschaft. It started with a glass of Secco and after that we already went down into the cool cellar. Lovely when outside the temperature is 32 degrees. At the end of the sightseeing you can of course try the wines also at this winegrowers cooperative. We got the opportunity to even try a seldom ice wine made out of Riesling. In the mean time ice wine is a rarity. Who knows whether there ever will be one…

Weinkeller Affentaler Winzer

We went to an open air cinema in the historic old town of Dornstetten, went hiking at the hammer trail and finally we had a look around Freudenstadt and visited a culinary guided tour.

Again a colorful week but certainly there will be more smashers next week!

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