With bow and arrow in the black forest

One completely new experience for us was archery.

So far different kinds of sport or moving were ours. And archery was not on our bucket list…

So when in Klosterreichenbach a introductory course was offered, we could not resist…


The meeting point is the organizing sports shop Frey in Klosterreichenbach and from there you have to get to the target range. We went by car and took another participant with us. Otherwise you would no get there in time. Walking would take much longer.

At the target range two target boards and Achim our trainer were already waiting. At first he explained bow and arrow to us and after that explained step by step how to do it right.

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Each of us got an arrow and because of the different colors we were at the same time automatically put into different teams.


Whole introductory course is not only about technique and exercise but you do some games and competitions.


But then it was our turn. Hold the bow right. Think of everything. The position of the fingers of the right hand and the finger posture of the left hand. Mount the arrow, pull back the string and aim. The bow starts to move a lot. You need some power and there are a whole lot of things that you can do wrong. Feet position, hips, elbow, fingers etc.

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But because all of our team mates were struggling as well it wasn’t bad. Achim and I had to be something special again. Though we are right handed we aim with our left eye. So for us aiming was a little bit more complicated.


Our small group contained of very nice fellows and we had a lot of fun. The small competitions were sometimes similar to ninepins. Adapted to archery of course.


After 2, 5 hours some body parts were hurting. The fingers that pulled the bowstring were complaining and you could see quite well where the string have had contact with the skin of the forearm…


We gained experience in one new field and are happy that we tried it. And if it will be always in such a funny way, we are looking forward to our next challenge.

Mo beim Bogenschießen

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