Week 14: A Lot of Culture

Wow! Already fourteen weeks waltzing and time flies… We experience so much here…

First we changed the flat again and moved in a completely new and lovingly designed holiday flat with a gorgeous view over Freudenstadt. Because of this view it is also called Panoramablick. We were very warmly welcomed and felt really at home. Saying good bye was as difficult as from a good friend.

Also the last week was packed with tours and adventures.

We have been to the Stadtmuseum Freudenstadt where by the way entrance is free! And we did a trip to Strasbourg. This beautiful town we reached with a one hour car drive and it has a romantic historic old town with very many small alleyways and the matchless French flair. And the cathedrale is definitely breathtaking and worth a view.

Strasbourg-Frankreich_8249 Strasbourg-Frankreich_8270

After that we continued with culture and visited both castles in Rastatt: The Residential Palace and Favorite Palace. Both are designed opulently and wasteful and we could not stop marveling. Both palaces have a huge park where you can take a stroll.

Walz-Woche-14-Schwarzwald_8348_7_6_5_4_3_2_1_0_HDR-Bearbeitet Walz-Woche-14-Schwarzwald_8468_7_6_5_4_3_2_1_0_HDR_20150827_215904

We met duke Friedrich a nice guy and a great charmer.


And we have been to a rustic evening at an old mill. That was really rustic. The medieval mill still functions and once a week you get good food and entertainment. There we saw for the first time a chicken feed vending machine.

Walz-Woche-14-Schwarzwald_8564 Walz-Woche-14-Schwarzwald_8588

And at the end of the week it got sporty again. We went on a mountain cart. You speed downhill on kind of a go cart on a small track.

Walz-Woche-14-Schwarzwald_8600 Walz-Woche-14-Schwarzwald_8636 Walz-Woche-14-Schwarzwald_8676

Finally we went to the woods again. Near to the house is a nature event trail which is designed really nicely.


This week was again fully packed and we are looking forward to next week.


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