The Meurers at the Hohenzollern Castle

We have visited the Hohenzollern Castle. Because castles play a big role for the Meurers. Already a few hours after our first encounter we visited a castle together. On the entrance gate stood: „Civil Registry Office“. The next day we visited another four different castles together. The rest is history.

So exactly 14 years later right on the day we have been at Hohenzollern Castle:


Even from a long distance you can see the castles with its many towers soaring on a hill above. By car you cannot reach the top. You have to park on one of the bis parking lots (with costs) and you can either walk up or use the shuttle service. This service costs extra.


We choose the sportive version and walked. The ascent is really steep. Every street for cars has signs stating the grade, but for pedestrians there is no information. Here we would have liked those signs. It clearly goes upwards. Good that we have been mountain climbing before. Then you know that the best thing to do is walk steadily but slowly upwards. We have been overtaken by some people which we met a couple of meters later gasping. And then we passed.

After a short distance steps follow, which are high but also quite deep. That is a particular strain. But finally we reached the gate. Here you have to present your ticket. Which you hopefully have purchased down at the parking lot..


And then you can at last enter the castle complex. You go further upwards through the beautiful designed basilicas and drive-ways. The approach winds up spirally – also through a tunnel. And. Tadaa! You are at the inner courtyard of the castle and you are flabbergasted.


The castle has an interesting colour and some towers. First we got a guided tour through the halls. Unfortunately one of these fact driven guided tours. Anyhow there we heard also some anecdotes. What we thought is an interesting idea is the so called ‚royal strolling‘. Which means that there are no guided tours with fixed dates and groups but you can walk through the halls and in each hall there is a guide telling you something about it and answering questions. We think that could be nice.


There is a photo prohibition for the halls. But you should ask for allowance. It is worth a try. The rooms are stunning and you can discover something everywhere. All these tiny details and handicraft and artistic masterpieces are well worth admiring. We could hardly stop photographing. Burg-Hohenzollern_9155_54_53_52_51_50_49_48_47_HDR-Bearbeitet

In some halls you have to wear these funny felt slippers…

As an exception we were allowed to go on top of the tower. Thererfore we marched felt 150 steps upwards in a circle. However when we reached the top we realized that the doors was locked. Uggs!! So down again! In a circle! After that upwards again with the company of a key! Snuffle! But it was worth it! Gorgeous view!!

After having visited the halls we needed a break to digest what we have seen.

There is a restaurant at the castle with really good food and a beer garden where you can eat your own brought food. But you can also buy drinks and snacks at a kiosk. We went for the restaurant and were very satisfied.

Mittagessen auf der Burg Hohenzollern

After that we visited the two churches. Interestingly there is a catholic as well as an protestant church at the castle.

And then we descended to the casemates. The cellar aisles are partly so small and low that Achim could hardly walk through with his photo backpack.

From the casemates you get directly to the outdoor installations.

You can surround the castle and enjoy the amazing view. At each corner the castles offers a different look. Attention! Beware of stiff neck!! You permanently look up! We took our time for the outdoor installations. There are even deck chairs and we have seen people who just sat there and read a book. Just nice!

All the Friedrichs and Wilhelms and Friedrich Wilhelms are standing in the garden as sculptures and inspire admiration.


After the outdoor experience we needed some refreshments and went to the beer garden. Thereafter we went to see the photo exhibition in the tower. There were some interesting perspectives of the castle in it.

Eventually we dared the climb down. The steps definitely need getting used to!


We looked for a nice view of the castle from afar and drove to the church Maria Zell. Again we had to park our car and walk uphill. The pilgrimage church is only open on Sundays though. What a pity. But the view to the castle from there is genious!


What a great ending of a beautiful day!

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