Tobbogan Run, Downhill Carts and Climbing Park

Waltzing is also about to look beyond one’s own nose. Okay! So far  – so good! But this time it was really exciting and also physically exhausting…

First we started with the toboggan run. For the photos we unfortunately had to slow down once in a while. Otherwise it would have been interesting to feel the thrill of speed. Probably every one makes himself familiar with the speed though. Especially when you are asked to follow the signs which say „brake!“


The lift upwards is exciting. You are pulled up with the sledge on a steel cable and at the end you feel like beeing on a roller coaster; only that on the other side it does not directly go down steeply…


The track itself is actually quite diversified. You go down through curves, a tunnel, a roundabout but also through lovely wooded areas. Very enjoyable!

Mehliskopf-Bob-DownhillCart-Wald-Klettergarten_9391 Mehliskopf-Bob-DownhillCart-Wald-Klettergarten_9412

For the photos we had to go down a couple of times. We directly stayed seated and could go on and down again.

The next item on the agenda was: Downhill Cart. Now that was something different. First we had to sign a liabtility exclusion. Gulp! Then you get a helmet and an instruction. At the Mehliskopf the cart is pulled up on a ski lift while you are sitting in it. You have to hold the hook so that the lift does not release the cart and you have to steer.


The drive-up alone was quite exhausting. You really have to hold the  handlebar very firm, you have to steer and to look that you will not be thrown out of the cart. Oh boy! For the girls a jogging bra is strongly recommended. These things are not well-sprung.

At the arrival at the top you have to let go the handle bar, then the ski-list releases itself. Only I did not know when was the correct moment… But there was a helpful man so that I finally managed.


The carts have disc brakes at the rear tires and theoretically you can drift with them when using the brakes differently. Again we had to drive slow for the photos and stop several times on the slope. There was not enough speed for drifting on the first round.

For me ist was also the last round because the dust and sand from those driving in front of me got into my eyes which is not funny when you wear contact lenses.


Then we had a short lunch break and in the afternoon we went to the climbing park. Uiuiui!

Again we had to sign a liability exclusion. Very good that we do not own so many things. That’s a lot easier then… And we got gear: a helmet, a belt and a spool…

Then we went into the instruction area. Here we learned how to secure ourselves with the carabiners and were told some other things.



After that we started with the first parcour. You secure yourself already at the ground. That was the moment when my hear rate started to rise. I don’t like hight and in these climbing parks you get high.

So we climbed onto the first platform and should walk on slim steel cables. Under that lies the forest floor. Freely visible! The hear rate was even higher now and the knees were weak.


Unfortunately nobody explained to us how to actually walk to the other side. How to set you feet? Where to hold? I had not the slightest idea how to get to the other side. Good that I was the last in the group. So I could pick it up from the others.


Probably we made the normal beginners mistakes by holding on incredibly tight to the ropes. It was not easy at all to overcome the parcours. Each obstacle is special. When there suddenly was a fixed bar we were surprised how easy it was. If only the route would have started with something that easy…

The routes are nicely short and I was happy to be on the ground again. The second part with the ropeway I skipped.


When I watches from the ground how long each climber hesitated before going on the ropeway I was very happy with my decision. Maybe next time!

By the way: It is no shame to go back. We have seen that day some people that went back down from the platform or grown up men which hyperventilated before one exercise. The climbing park is an overcoming and requires some physical skills.


The assistance in the whole area of the climbing park was exemplary and the effort for security was very good. Those who do not comply to the rules will be sent off the park.

That day we have even looked three times beyond our own nose and tested our fitness….  The next day – like announced – really our whole body was aching. But that’s also waltzing.

We will see what the next challenge will be…

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