The Gaissteig along the Saalach in Unken

Today we left directly from the hotel – without car. We desperately wanted to walk along the Saalach as we are here in the Saalach valley. From our car we spotted the path many times and it looked very inviting. So we had to walk it.


We started from the Kirchenwirt and went towards the main road. From there a small way leads to the banks of the Saalach. It is marked „Schüttbad“. You walk over a small bridge and directly after it a nice path starts with those characteristic white stones. After that you walk a little bit on the road and behind the hotel Schüttbad the Gaissteig starts.


Wonderful! The Saalach has so many colours. These different shades of green. You can’t get enough of it. There are benches to sit and enjoy and at some parts you can get on the banks close to the water. Grate!

Sometimes water sports enthusiasts float past. Very comfortable. We followed the path until the Innersbachklamm – a flume – and climbed through it. Awesome. The Saalach has so many different colours. The water develops an incredible power. Beyond words. Small steps and bridges lead through the flume. It swooshes and roars. And there is a lookout point. Quickly the excitement is over and the brook presents itself romantically wild.

After that we stopped over at the Drei Brüder in Reith. Here meals are served also during the day. Full of energy we walked the ‚Wieserrunde‘ on top of it. There you can’t get to the water but you are rewarded with a feeling of being at the end of the world and lush green meadows as well as an awesome view of the mountains and small trails through the forest.


On our way back we choose the path through the Kleber valley (Klebertal). A signpost would be nice though. But we found our way with the help of a map. At the end of this nice path we were back on the Gaissteig and followed it back to our hotel. A nice round trip with many different faces and near to the Saalach. Dreamlike!

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