Sunrise at the Loferer Alm in the Saalachtal

Sonnenaufgang auf der Loferer Alm

Wednesday morning it was time! The alarm clock was set for 4:15 am; a quick view out of the window – there: a starlit sky. Genious! That will be a stunning sunrise! A quick jump into our hiking clothes and up on the top of the mountain. We went by car up to the Loferer Alm. We thought we had permission to go as far as to the Schönblick Alm and would have to walk the rest. But our ticket was valid also for the second barrier. So we drove to our viewpoint and waited unhurried for the sunrise. So it was a sunrise deluxe 😉

Because we have been on top earlier than expected we were greeted with a fantastic starry sky. I couldn't get much better than that.

Then came the first glimpse of dawn. More and more light and colours. Clouds that were lighted from below. And after nearly 2 hours came the first sunrays. A fantastic experience that we can only recommend!