Impressions from Salzburger Saalachtal

Here comes a wild mixture of beautiful things, that we discovered in the Salzburger Saalachtal.

First there is the Jakobus church in Unken. It is a pilgrimage church at the Way of St. James and is really extraordinary.


Inside it is nice and bright and opulent decorated. Especially the lot of gold attracted our attention. And of course the double gallery for choir and organ. We have never seen something like that before.


We have been in St. Martin and strolled through the beautifully installed farmgarden.


Here you can relax and slow down. Everything is well-kept and lovingly and generously laid out. You feel right away invited…


By coincidence came to the ‘flower queen of Pinzgau', who really earned her title, don't you think?


We walked further in the direction of the Kneipp area and – surprise: There is a mill wheel, which is still working:


And finally the Kneipp area:


It should be renamed. Kneipp area does not sound sexy. The area is a magic place or a leisure area or a recreation parc. You feel well right away and slowed down. And you want to stay on.


Does anybody know why in the church of St. Martin there is a clock at the ceiling?


Anyway. There is a lot of things waiting to be discovered in St. Martin…

The weather in the Saalach valley has also something to offer:


In Unken we discovered a fence path.


During this nice walk you pass different kind of fences, which have been made according to old tradition and handcraft. Fascinating what could be done without nails.


And finally we have been at the ‘Robinson'-Beach. This beach with the funny sculptures we have spotted at the very first day and since have been magically attracted to it.


And virtually at the last minute we found it and spent some time there. And in the very end we have immortalized ourselves…


Here are the photos from all our minor or major discoveries in the Saalachtal:

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