Week 16 and 17: Salzburger Saalachtal

We spent no less than two weeks at the Kirchenwirt in Unken in the Salzburger Saalachtal. A beautiful house with a super team. We felt very comfortable there and again had a feeling of being with friends.

The Saalach valley presents itself a little bit rough in the beginning with its steep and naked rockwalls. But when you get closer it becomes softer.  A side trip to one of the side valleys is worth the effort.

Saalachtal Gföllsteig Unken Heutal

Whether Heutal with the Gföllsteig or Au and Obermeyrberg or just walking along the Saalach; there are quite a few wildly romantic hiking trails from plain flat to alpine. Even the early morning sport tracks lead through beautiful landscapes and areas.


To some experiences we had to drive; others were directly in front of the hotel. But you needn't leave the Saalach valley at all during your vacation. It offers everything. Culture, history, adventure trails, hiking trails, walking routes – and of course culinary arts… You name it!

Kaiserschmarrn Saalachtal Hochalm HeutalSaalachtal-Hochalm-Heutal_0303

We visited two pilgrimage churches at the Way of St. James: Maria Kirchental and of course the Jakobus church in Unken. Both are stunning and awesome.


We walked along the Saalach and tried hiking golf. Both very nice trails with stunning views. We went hiking in the Heutal. One to the Hochalm and we went the Gföllsteig. We have visited the Innersbachklamm and ate some delicacies. We have seen the preparation for the driving down of the cattle from the mountains and have witnessed how a roof was laid with larch shingles. We have been to Unken, Weißbach, Lofer and St. Martin. And each village has something that is worth the visit.


Pro-Tipp: Leave the centre and main places in the villages and stroll around. Walk through the small alley ways and dare to step into the farm garden. Discover the flower queen of Pinzgau. See the clattering mill wheel and the magic forest near the kneipp facilities. It's worth a try!!!


We have seen the starry ski and admired a sunrise. And there have been some interesting weather phenomena.

Sternenhimmel im Saalachtal auf der Loferer Alm Salzburgerland
Sternenhimmel im Saalachtal auf der Loferer Alm Salzburgerland

For once we have not been on a wood way but a fence way and finally we have been to a ‘Robinson'-Beach


And everything was just great!! Bye bye Saalachtal!!!

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