Week 18: In the Wine Yards a the Middlerhine


Our 18th week of waltzing we spent at the Hotel Weinberg-Schlösschen in Oberheimbach. It is a fine country hotel with lovely designed rooms and a very good kitchen. It is family run and lies in the middle of wine yards. A perfect place to slow down and enjoy. Here at the hotel culinary arts play a big role.  Everything is home made.



Achim took this time a lot – that means nearly all – photos in the hotel. For example he spent one whole day in the kitchen – from early morning until late evening: A whole day in the kitchen of the Weinberg-Schlösschen 

Panorama Roudtrip Oberheimbach

We left the hotel sometimes though. Otherwise we might get a hotel spleen… Our sportive rounds in the morning lead us through the wine yards. Directly behind the house a path leads into the wine yards. From there you have numerous possibilities. For example the panorama tour Oberheimbach.


At the other side across the street from the hotel the „Bach-Allee“ leads car-free to Niederheimbach. From there a underpass leads directly to the banks of the Rhine.


The Rhein-Burgen-Weg

Another variation came from the one of the hotel owners. Ask him! He knows every way and every stone around here! We started behind the house up to the wine yards and followed the Rheinburgenweg to Oberdiebach. There we left the Rheinburgenweg and went to Rheindiebach where we got to the bank path of the Rhine. We went to Niederheimbach and back through the Bach-Allee to the Hotel.


Pro-Tip: Bring enough time! You might sit a little bit longer on a bench and watch ships float by or try to find a message in a bottle or shells at the banks of the Rhine. And of course you stop at every corner to take pictures.


Bacharach at the Middlerhine

You can do quite a lot without you car and can discover the area by foot. But you can of course also do something motored. We went to Bacharach and by boat to Kamp-Bornhofen.


Bacharach is a very cosy village at the Rhine with a well preserved town wall. You have to do the town wall way!! Very interesting! There are really old houses in Bacharach. The oldest that we saw was from 1368. Incredible! You can park your car at the river. The parking lot from the KD boat operator costs 8 Euros per day. The one at the B9 costs 4 Euros. Unfortunately parking in the city is free. We think – unfortunately – because there is a lot of traffic in the nice old town and you have to watch out to not been run over by a car. A pedestrian area would be great. But the village is worth seeing. If you stroll through it with open eyes you will discover quite a lot.


Boat Trip with Köln-Düsseldorfer

Directly at the B9 is – as mentioned – the wharf of the Köln-Düsseldorfer. We went from Bacharach to Kamp-Bornhofen, because we never had heard of this place before… There are the castles from the ‚hostile brothers‘. Unfortunately the boat stopps so far away from those two that we couldn’t manage to walk there during the time until our return fare. Also the pilgrimage church we could not visit. Would have been interesting. Instead we had a horrible ice cream at a very nice terrasse. Unbelievable what some restaurants dare to sell you…





Anyway. We have been at least once in our lives in Kamp-Bornhofen. And to got by boat and slowly float along the banks is really nice. Someday we want to do that with a hotel-ship and then watch the rivers go by from our bed…

And as always our photo gallery