Saxony Part 1: Saxon Elbland

After our tour with Petervan we arrived finally in Saxony and had a quick stop at the @safttante. After all these years we have been a the fruit juice producer ourselves. It was very nice to meet Kirstin again.

Then we moved in at the country hotel Gut Wildberg. The next morning we were up very very early to catch the sunrise with fog on the river Elbe which is not so easy when you don't know the surroundig. And such a sunrise does not last for ever. You don't have a second or third chance.

Sonnenaufgang an der Elbe bei Meißen

Half of the day we spent with office work again. Sadly enough. But the afternoon we used for a small photowalk around the grounds of the hotel. Quadrangled farm buildings are quite huge and offer a lot. In the evening we walked to the banks of the Elbe. We could walk along the river bed because the Elbe has not much water at the moment. That was an unusaul perspective.

DSC_2863 DSC_2890-Bearbeitet

The next day we dared to do a bike tour. After years. We cycled along the Elbe to Meißen. The Elbe cycle route is awesome and really near to the water. You can get to the water on many places and can have a break or a picnic.


The old town of Meißen is beautiful and the castle ensemble with the cathedral is worth a visit. We tried egg custard cake (Eierschecke) and strolled through the alleys. We even saw a part from the procession of princes.

DSC_2947 DSC_2974 DSC_2990_89_88_87_86_85_HDR

A full report about our cycling tour you can find here: 

We photographed the hotel, waylaid for the paddle steamer, took pictures of a holiday flat in a wine yard and went to the other side of the Elbe on the cycle way. By the way Saxon wine is worth a try! At the end we received a Fummel of Meißen. Let's see how long we can transport it safe and sound.

And here are like alway some impressions from our time in the Saxon Elbland.

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