To Meißen on the bicycle

We went on a bicycle. For the first time since ages. Seems like 37 years ago that I have been sitting on a bike and now we are at saxony at the river Elbe and here there are very nice cycle tracks. You can borrow bikes at some of the accommodations. So there is no excuse…

We got from the country hotel Gut Wilderberg two very nice bikes for a day with a 7 gear shift, back-pedalling, locks and a basket. What else does a woman need? The courtyard is perfect for a test drive: Once around the chestnut tree… To adjust for example the hight of the saddle or to get used to the shift. Unfortunately the handle bar could not be adjusted. But for a trial it was okay.

Gut Wildberg

Everything adjusted and stowed away. We could start. Until the to the gate. First stop. We forgot the pictures. But then…

Gut Wildberg

We started directly from the hotel. After a couple of meters we crossed the B6 and after that drove on a nice and wide cycle way.

The old saying that you never unlearn cycling is right. By and by the feeling for the bike came back and I became more brave. Shifting gear needed getting used to and I didn’t know when to switch. But that is just a matter of practice.

Mit dem Fahrrad entlang der Elbe nach Meißen

We went on the left side of the Elbe. The Elbe cycle track is at the right bank side. But at the left bank there is the cycle way „the great eight“. Everything is very good signposted. Nevertheless we did not make good time because we had to stop at every corner. But it is so beautiful. At every curve there is a different view and you see another landscape. Beautiful old trees or alleyways or meadows or nice buildings at the other bank. And then you see the vine yards. Now in autumn they start to change color. Awesome.


Now and then a boat chugs along or oarsmen exercise on the water. You can also see some kayakers. On the cycle way there is quite a lot of traffic. Unfortunately some of the cyclists don’t have a bell at their bike and you have to watch out to not been overrun. So we cycled after each other. That went well. On the way you can see all different bikes. Tandems, racing bikes, mountain bikes, delivery bikes, bikes with trailers for kids and so on. Everything is there. Old ones and young ones are on their ways. And some pedelecs in-between.

Mit dem Fahrrad entlang der Elbe nach Meißen

In the direction to Meißen there are hardly any rises and you can cycle sprightly along. The weather was fine and temperature pleasant. We stopped a couple of times for pictures and soon Meißen could be seen with the Albrechtsburg. On the Elbe the paddle steamer chugs close to us. If you like you can cycle parallel to it. In front of the bridge the steamer has to relocate the chimney so that it fits under the bridge. It hoots loudly and the passengers wave.

Der historische Schaufelraddampfer auf der Elbe


Quickly we arrive in Meißen. We cross the pedestrian light and in the curve you can already see a lot of bicycle racks. The town is well prepared for cyclists. There is even a guarded parking place for bikes. We lock our bikes and walk into the old town. It is only a couple of meters away.

Die Altstadt in Meißen

First we would like a drink. At the market place all tables are taken and there are stages and booths. Something is going to happen here today. Only one alley away – by the way a pedestrian zone between 10 am and 5 pm (some towns could copy that) we find the ‚Zuckerbäckerei‘. A bakery with two small tables and some chairs outside. One of the tables is surely meant for us. Inside there is a huge selection of cakes and pastries. It is hard to choose. Of course we have to try the saxon ‚Eierschecke‘ – an egg custard cake. At the other table sits apparently an egg custard cake expert. He explains to us, that the one offered here is a good one! So! It is tasty anyway.

klassische Eierschecke

Freshly invigorated we walk to the castle ensemble. We walk along the historical round way. The cathedral is stunning. Impressive and huge but quite fair. The prince’s chapel attracts with its size and the medieval portal. The inside wall is quite interesting. It separates the private apse from the public space. From the Saint John chapel you have a good overview.

Der Dom zu Meißen Der Dom zu Meißen Der Dom zu Meißen

Right beside the cathedral there is a viewing balcony with panoramic view over the Elbe. At the ‚Amtsgericht‘ (local court) a stairway leads you toward the town.

Ausblick vom Burgensemble auf Meißen und die Elbe

The steps don’t lead directly to the old town but first to a vine yard. From there you have a stunning view over the roofs of Meißen and again over the Elbe. From there further stairs lead you down.

Ausblick auf Meißen mit Weinberg

We ate at the ‚Ratskeller‘. Very good food! We can only recommend it. Afterwards we strolled through the old town. Coincidentally the procession of princes happened that day an reenactment of an historic event. Impressive characters rode on their horses over the cobble stones and were hailed by the public. It must have been like this back then.

Der Fürstenumzug in Meißen

After that we went back to our bikes. Everything was still in place. We went back the same way to the hotel. In-between we stopped again a couple of times. On the way back everything looks different and has to be photographed of course.

Mit Rad entlang der Elbe

Mit Rad entlang der Elbe

We crossed once again the federal highway and were back at the hotel. The bone shakers went into the big ‚stable‘. There they are kept securely and dry. There you can find also some tools for smaller repairs.

The tour to Meißen is a nice and cosy one and was exactly the right thing for us returners.

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