Sachsen Part 2: Saxon Switzerland without Rocks

When hearing „Saxon Switzerland“ most people will possibly think of these special Elbe sandstone rock formations. Those who have not association to Saxon Switzerland and googel it will first see pictures from these rocks.

Imagine being in Saxon Switzerland for 6 days without seeing those rocks at all…

That’s what happened to us. At our arrival it was quite foggy and we could hardly see anything. That went on until our departure. But even without the rocks we experienced a fascinating Saxon Switzerland.

First there is the river Elbe, which floats slenderly along. And – like always around water – you will calm down immediately when looking at the water. Some restaurants and coffee places have winter gardens directly at the banks of the river so that you can sit, drink something nice and warm and can look around. And on the water there is always something happening. Small boats go by and ferries and sometime there is a paddle steamer passing and something is always in the water.

Mentioning a coffe place: In Schmilka exists a very interesting project with some facilities, which care about sustainability. There is for example the Café Richter. Directly at the Elbe and the ferry. They offer a great variety of vegan cakes and cookies.

Eco Project in Schmilka

We have visited the organic brewery in the village and of course tried the beer. The brewing kettles are right in the middle of the hall and you can watch the master brewer at work while tasting one of the two different offered beers: a fair one and an amber one. Both are all natural and unfiltrated.

Next door there is a bakehouse. There is much to be seen and a lot of delicacies to try. Here we ate the probably best palmiers in whole Germany (we are more than willing to be convinced otherwise though 🙂 ).

The flour from the bakehouse is milled with an old millstone, which is driven by an old mill-wheel. That booms loudly but is worth a visit. All products from brewery and bakery and some more can be bought at a rustic booth in a beer garden. Everything is organic! In bad weather you can go to the Brewpub.

The complete story you can read here:  Organic and Bike

German Artificial Flower Manufactory in Sebnitz

If you are interested in handicraft you should visit the artificial flower manufactory in Sebnitz. there are silk flowers handmade like more than a hundred years ago. We have been there and were fascinated by the many many hand movements and steps and from the striking similarity to real flowers. Everything is explained and shown in detail. Here are also flowers produced which are quite rare like alpine pasture flowers. Forget about plastic flowers.

Read the whole story about silk flowers here:  Handmade Silkflowers

Handpainted Hikingmaps from Dr. Böhm

There are hikers and bikers you regardless of wind and weather are on their way and are not put off. But in case you belong to those who rather go out in mild weather conditions, then you can during bad weather at least travel with your fingers on the map. The handmade hiking maps from Dr. Böhm will inspire you to do so. They are like small fairy tale books. Because Dr. Böhm makes them painstakingly by hand. Each path is walked by him and everything is marked down. Each tree which is worth seeing and each bush. And always a small man. There is nothin wrong with spending some hours bended over the hiking map.

What we experienced at Dr. Böhm you can find here: Handprinted Hiking Maps: Handpainted Hiking Maps

Wellness & Culture

If that is not enough there is still the Toscana Spa.

We have tested it for you (sorry – no pics!) Here you can bath in some indoor and outdoor pools, get moved or washed over by a whirlpool or massage jets. To be utterly relaxed you should visit the liquid sound pool. Here you float weightless in warm water and can see light installations while you listen to underwater sounds and music. In case that you can relax better in a sauna then you will find some offers with different heat degrees. A wellness department with a physiotherapist and massages are available as well as a restaurant.


Zum Shopping eignet sich fast jeder Ort, weil regionale Spezialitäten angeboten werden. Und überall laden kleine Gässchen zum Flanieren und Schaufenstergucken ein. In Pirna kann man den gleichen Anblick genießen wie seinerzeit der Maler Canaletto.

Each village or town invites you for a shopping tour because regional products are offered. Everywhere you can stroll through small alley ways and so some window shopping. In Pirna you can have the same view as the painter Canaletto had in former times.

Our result: Saxon Switzerland works even without rocks! But it is good, that they won’t run away. Because we’d rather see them during our next visit 🙂