Sachsen Teil 3: Oberlausitz

From Saxon Switzerland we went to Oberlausitz. Funny enough: when you want to go from Saxony to Saxony sometimes it is quicker to drive through Czechia. So we did that and went through beautiful nature and have seen nice old houses. They were log houses with white joints between the logs. We so far only knew these kind of houses from Carinthia. We could have stopped at each and every one of those houses to take a picture.

Ausblick von der Sonnenbergbaude in Wildberg

Finally we arrived at the Sonnebergbaude. A cosy hikers hotel directly at a ski slope and only 200 m away from the frontier. Our morning sport tour led us through two countries. But it was also quite cold, because of the first sub-zero temperatures. Our clothing is not yet winder friendly.

The hotel has a funny own hiking card: the 8000 peaks.

Frühsport über die Grenze nach Tschechien

Directly from the hotel a lot of hiking trails start and some long distance tracks pass by. The local mountain – Lausche – is also transboundary. We originally had planned a bike tour and a hiking tour but the weather again did not allow the tours. But we had a long photo shoot in the evening with very nice people.

Gemütlicher Abend im Wintergarten vor der äußeren Fassade eines Umgebinde Hauses

Anyway we have seen some interesting things and even learned something.

In Waltersdorf and Großschönau we made a photowalk with the topic: Half-timbered houses. Very exciting. Here are some thousands of these peculiar houses to be seen. Where this stile comes from is not clear. I very much like the story about the weaving loom: First the timber structure was built and then the weaving loom was set up in the house. After that the log walls were built.

Umgebindehäuser in der Oberlausitz Umgebindehäuser in der Oberlausitz Umgebindehäuser in der Oberlausitz

Talking about weaving looms: We visited the damask museum. Hier you can learn everything about the expensive fabric which in former times was made only for the crown. We could have listenend for ages to the museums worker. We were directly put back to the old times. The biggest light bulb moment was to hear that in former times only men have been weaving and up to three persons worked at one weaving loom. Damastmuseum Damastmuseum Damastmuseum

There is also a show workshop where all the machines can be seen in action. Definitely worth a visit!

Schauwerkstatt im Damastmuseum Schauwerkstatt im Damastmuseum

Our experience in the Oberlausitz on twitter you can see at storify.

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