Pit Stop – Part 2

In the mean time Achim has survived the second surgery. Everything went well and he is slowly recovering.

The month of November was quite emotional with some drastic events (see pit stop part 1). Waiting for the results of the surgery. Completely emptying the house. Giving away last things. Being without a residence. All the paper work for signing off and terminating contracts. Unfortunately this does not work at the first correspondence. You can quickly sing in for something but it is very difficult to sing off. It gets even more interesting when you have to get money back for example from the local energy supplier. They have a lot of time, but when you owe them then they contact you very quickly. Let's see how long it will take until everything is cleared…

Part Two took place in Germany. Again very emotional with a hospital stay and all actions connected with such a stay. And we visited parents and friends because it might be a long time before we will see them again.

So now everything is done and  we try to relax a few days. On November 29th we are waltzing on. And we are really looking forward to the next destinations and challenges.

Stay tuned!



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