The kleinHotel in Biedenkopf – Refreshingly Different

Das kleinHotel in Biedenkopf

Last week we were lucky to learn about a new concept: “mein kleinHotel” in Biedenkopf. A hotel where the different rooms are located in modules in the garden. Or rather apartments instead of rooms, because there is always a kitchenette included. In the big module, where we stayed there is even a living room with a couch. From the very first minute in the module we felt at home. Also the welcome from the hotel owner was very warm. The kleinHotel is family run and for breakfast you go into the private house.

On Monday we took a tour around Biedenkopf together with very nice friends which visited us in Biedenkopf. – Yes, you can meet us! Have a look at our tour plan! – We started directly in front of the hotel and walked the Kottenbachway. A round trip in beautiful nature. The weather was really nice and so we did not only enjoy stunning views but discovered also some funny things.

Kottenbachtal in Biedenkopf

Approximately in the middle of the tour there is an open air fitness center with very clever machines which we all had to try. At this machines you don't need to put on a certain weight but they use your own body weight for training. Quite exhausting. We can only recommend this round trip if you find it because unfortunately it is not marked. But it is worth a search!

Kottenbachtal in Biedenkopf

Biedenkopf is also worth at least one visit. You will find very very old half-timbered houses with a speciality that we never have seen before. The beams are decorated with a special technique where figures or patterns  are scilfully scratched into the mud. There are also quite a number of proverbs to decipher. Here you could have easily a photowalk. You will never stop taking pictures.

Fachwerk in Biedenkopf

Biedenkopf also has a castle on a castle hill. This is also a nice walk. From the kleinHotel you can walk everywhere. No car is needed.

Something else struck us. It seems that in Biedenkopf they eat ice cream all year round. At least the ice cream parlours where still open and there were different types of ice creams available…

Schloss Biedenkopf

On one of our tours we discovered a sign at a fence announcing a window in a living advent calendar. Curious as we are we had to go there. And it was another enriching event. For the living advent calendar a family or a company invites all the inhabitants from the village to a get-together. How you organise the event is up to the one inviting. When we were there, mulled wine and cookies were offered and a story was read aloud. But the best thing at this evening were the encounters and talks with all these nice people. Thanks again for this very nice idea and the nice evening.

Adventkalender in Biedenkopf

Our car had to go again to the garage for repairing. At the repair of the brakes they noticed that the buffers had to be changed during the next 5.000 km. So we found we the support from Nicole from the kleinHotel a lovely garage which could change the buffers directly the next day. There were also some old treasures to be admired.

There was another new thing for us. Nicole had arranged a network breakfast with representatives from Biedenkopf, the press, chamber of commerce, hotel association, university of applied science and local entrepreneurs. It was a very interesting morning. We could present our waltzing concept and got quickly into conversations. We would like to have that more often in the future. Thanks Nicole for that great idea.

In the apartment modules from the kleinHotel we felt very well. There is a lot of wood, huge windows and the rooms are unusually high so that is was quite cosy to sit in these rooms and work. Also our timing was better this time and we could pursue our hobbies and grab the guitar or knitting needles.

That was a real waltzing week. From Biedenkopf we take some great ideas with us and reminiscences of nice people and pleasant conversations.