A Review of the year’s events – 2015 the First Months of Waltzing

Kornfeld Schwarzwald

Quite late, but here it is: Our review of the year's events

At New Years Day in 2015 we would never have thought to be looking back at New Years Day 2016 to seven months of waltzing. Well. That's life! You never know how things turn out!

In January 2015 we worked out the concept for waltzing and adapted it a couple of times. In the middle of January we presented it at the tourism bar camp in Eichstätt and asked who would be interested in testing the concept. Shortly after that we received the first bookings. For May 2015!

Walz Selfie

Am 17. Mai 2015 sind wir gestartet!

That was very quick! Now we had to prepare everything very very fast. That was: empty the house. In March we visited the ITB in Berlin to present our concept there as well. At the same time we already had received bookings for 33 weeks, so that we cancelled our contract for our house. Everything went in a slapdash manner. No test. No preparation time. Just do it!

That went exactly like the two years before when fate overran us with negative events. In 2015 there was something positive: Waltzing.

We cleaned out as much as we could and gave things away before we started at May 17. We never regretted a single minute of it. We only regret, that we once deviated from our concept.


Find your own rhythm

We are glad that we could experience so much and met very nice people and learned a lot about ourselves. It is wonderful. In the beginning we had to groove around to find our rhythm. But now it works out fine. In the beginning we worked too much and did not care enough for ourselves. Especially while waltzing you have to plan deliberately relaxation times. The daily routine does not exist any more. It is gone. You have to find new ones. But the new routines must take place every week somewhere else.

Every single week we have to install everything and try to make it comfortable for us. Sometimes that is a real challenge. But it gets clearer and clearer that a lot of things come from the inside and do not depend on external factors. We are at home where we are at that moment.

das kleinHotel in Biedenkopf

Special Gifts

We find it incredibly great that we can do so many things and may experience so much. Each hike, every visit to a museum, each visit of a workshop, every single tasting is a special gift for us. And we enjoy every single moment.

Sonnenaufgang auf der Loferer Alm im Saalachtal im Salzburgerland

Sonnenaufgang auf der Loferer Alm im Saalachtal im Salzburgerland

In June we experienced a set back when we both became ill and fate hit us another time. In November we had a break from waltzing, to care for all the organizational stuff that we could not finish before May. We also met our landlord to hand over the house. Unfortunately Achim had to undergo two different operations. Recovery time was not really long enough. So that we restarted waltzing in Dezember a little bit tattered. The hotels for the restart were really nice ones though, so that it was a smooth pick up. We needed some time to get back into the rhythm and now it works quite fine.

Kapellenweg Großarltal

We experienced soooooooooooooo much while waltzing that we cannot really list it here. And it is impossible to pick some highlights. There have been so many unforgettable moments. So many nice things, that we did for the first time in our lifes. Incredible impressions in nature. Very interesting talks with nice people. Funny things… It was awesome. And we hope it will continue!!!

We tried to pick our best photo of the year 2015 – but we could not decide ourselves. We stopped at a last round with 13 pictures and you have voted by comments.

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In any case we are looking forward to 2016 and the upcoming events and destinations that we may discover and the interesting people we may meet…