Hot Air Ballooning and Festival in Tannheimer Valley

The arrival in Tannheimer Valley was a little bit difficult. Because of snowy and icy roads we needed twice as much time as the sat nav predicted and only arrived in the evening at our hotel. Therefore we were planning an easy Monday morning. Like sleeping long and get to know the knew region and so on…

But then the phone rang and we were asked whether we could go for a hot air balloon ride the next morning.

Did we hear hot air balloon ride???


We joined a hot air balloon festival a couple of years ago and did a ride as well. Therefore we did not need much time to think it over but said yes right away.

And we have not been disappointed.


At the hot air balloon festival at the Tannheimer Valley a new balloon has been baptized and therefore quite a lot of balloons were at the starting place and gathered around the candidate for baptism.

Ballonfahrt & Festival Tannheimer-Tal

After the baptizing all the balloons started one after the other. And we were right in the middle of it…


After the start we went unhurried upwards and then along the valley. This time I was much much more relaxed than at the first time, because I knew what was expecting me.


Again this time the draft stopped quickly when we were caught by the wind and floated along. From that moment on it was pure enjoyment.

The fresh snow from the previous day covered everything and at the plain area there were the most interesting traces. From animals, snow shoe hikers or single skiers. Some even painted artworks into the snow. Dreamlike.


Everything floats by underneath the car. On each side there are other balloons which go up and down. Everywhere you see colourful dots.


Then we floated easily over the moutain top. Behind that all of a sudden the area is completely flat. You can see very far. Especially with a clear weather like we had it.


But then the wind stopped and we spent quite a while at one spot.

When the wind blew again, we saw that some other balloons had already landed and searched for a suitable landing space. While searching we went so low above the ground that people waved us and deer got scared and jumped away. It is such a pleasure to float so easily…


The chaser car could already be seen and watched us. From our first hot air balloon ride we knew that the landing can be exact to the centimeter.


Can… This time it should be different.


Some suitable landing places we had to pass by, because we have been too fast. And then suddenly it was: “Hold on tight!” And we touched a tree top and hit the ground once and ruggedly. After that our car acted like a snow plug and pushed a lot of snow aside for several meters. Achim and the other passenger had to jump out of the car and try to stabilize it. Then the chaser arrived and they all tried to drag the car towards the street. There the car toppled over and landed in the deep snow. Thereby you tumble also around in the car which means that you can get into touch with the gas bottles. But nothing happened apart from the fact that we all had to work much harder to get the balloon out of the deep snow and pack it.


Why had this landing been so different to the first one? 

Our hot air balloon ride has also been virtually a maiden trip. The balloon shell has been new and also the burner. Therefore the pilot did not really know how the balloon would react. Shit happens…

We would take a ride any time again!!! 

For the ballooning newbies there is always a baptizing after the ride but we had already received that. So we have been picked up at the landing place after a short while and have been driven to our next event.

What a brilliant start into the new week!

And here you can enjoy the ride once again with us. Get yourself a drink, lean back and enjoy!

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