Tannheimer Valley in Tirol

After a veeeeeeeery slow snow travel we arrived in the evening at Tannheimer Valley (Tannheimer Tal). Actually we had planned to relax a bit after the exhausting Tourismcamp weekend at Eichstätt and the quite exhausting drive. But then the phone rang and we learned that we could go for a hot air balloon ride. Great! What is a better way to relax than to go on such a ride? And we directly got to know the whole valley from above!


After that we went to the view point Zugspitzblick (Zugspitze view). We have not really seen the mountain but some heavy deer. Because there is a wildlife observation. And you get great regional food!

Regionale Schmankerl Regionale Schmankerl Regionale Schmankerl

The next day we edited photos and blog posts and did some office work. But then the sun was calling us out and went again to the Zugspitzblick. After that we went by car to explore the valley and search for possible photo points. It is really a nice wide valley.


The very next day we tried out winter hiking. A leisure activity that could definitely become our new hobby. We went the high altitude hiking path to the Neunerköpfle and enjoyed every single minute. It was splendid weather and nature presented a winter wonder land.


In the evening we went to see the balloon glowing at the hot air balloon festival where the balloons are illuminated according to music and even dance the waltz. There are food and drinks and it is a nice event for the whole family because you can get very close to the balloons.

Ballonglühen Jungholz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5CGRUkD2_M

As the winter hiking was such a nice thing we tried it again at the Gamskopf. There is also a gorgeous view and you can stop for a bite. The path is short but challenging. But afterwards you can sit a little bit longer in the sun at the hut. There you can get even vegan food!


When we finally could break free we drove to the lake Halden (Haldensee). In winter times you can walk on it or use the wide cross country slopes. In the evening hours there sometimes is a mystic fog which turns everything into a magic scenery.


Finally we went on a photo hunt and we shot Tannheim at full moon from a hill. Wonderful!

Tannheim bei Vollmond Tannheim bei Vollmond

So many experience we had process… But then again we sneaked out of the hotel room and did some research on the local costume. We met a woman who made her headdress on her own. It is a very tricky and time consuming work this gold work. This embroidery work has brought us to the church as well. We have to go there again with some more time!

Phew! Quite a lot for one week. And there will be more next week…

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