We went winter hiking

Do you know winter hiking? We never heard of it before. But it's great!

Here at Tannheimer Valley you get a special winter-hiking map and there are a huge amount of winter hiking trails. We had to try them of course. You already know by now that we like to walk and hike and even like to climb a mountain once in a while.


And yes we like to walk in snow. I like the sound of snow under your shoes. And now that I own new winter shoes I even like it more.

We tried several ways. Two high altitude hiking trails and one directly from the hotel. Both is great. One time you can leave your car at parking lot and start right away from the hotel. We went to the lake Vilsalp  (Vilsalpsee). The street is blocked for cars during the day time (another thing that other destinations could copy!)


The high altitude hiking trails are also very nice. By cable car you get to the top and can start hiking at some high altitude. Mostly you can also reach the summit. When do you have the possibility to reach a summit in winter time without being an extreme sports person or using heavy gear?


Here it is possible because the ways are cleared or rather rolled. This means you actually walk through high  snow without sinking in. Winter hiking is a bit more exhausting than in summer time or autumn but it is lovely to walk through winter wonder land. Gorgeous!


For all those that do not feel very secure on this white stuff there is a great service from the Tannheimer Valley: the hiking pole rental. At the mountain station of the cable gar you will find hiking poles in different sizes. Just find the right ones for you and leave them there after your adventure. Perfect! So you do not need to transport those bulky things in the cable car.


The cable cars are used to hikers here. At other destinations it is impossible to use the cable car as a pedestrian. Here it is different. Sometimes you have to walk some meters along the skiing slopes, but that works out fine because everybody is quite relaxed.


We have been at the Neunerköpfle and choose the round trip. We went the hiking trail so that the summit was at the end of the round as a climax. And we also have been at the Gamskogel. Here the path is short but steep.

Both round trips include possible stops at a hut. Weather permitting you can sit outside like in summer times and enjoy. Wonderful.

Winter hiking could become our new hobby.

Winter hiking to Vilsalpsee

Winter hiking to Neunerköpfle

Winter hiking at Gamskopf