Tannheimer Valley – Week 2

Also the second week at the Tannheimer Valley was not boring at all – quite the contrary.

We went again winter hiking. This time not in high altitude but right away from the hotel. We went to lake Vilsalp (Vilsalpsee) and took the path through the wood where we had to trudge through the snow. On our way there was so much to be seen in the beautiful winter landscape. We again needed twice as long as announced.


At the lake we bathed in the sunshine on the huge terrace. For the way back we took a horse-drawn carriage. Slow travel at its best. And food was great by the way.


Then we had a social media workshop which has been very productive. We really liked that some of the ideas produced where right away installed and tried out. There is now a social wall for the Tannheimer Valley for example. It is always nice if we can contribute something.



We also did some paper work. At the end of the year it is all about taxes, insurances and stuff. We had to go shopping, wash the car and a doctors visit was also on the agenda. Simply veryday life.

We visited the local department store. That was quite bizarre. Here you find rental skis right beside noodles and there are textiles and souvenirs. Really odd.


We did a small photo walk through Tannheim and visited the very interesting church. Tannheim has still some old houses and it is much fun to discover the small things at the front of the buildings. There are guided tours offered for the church and we are sure that they will be worth it. During the short time that we took the pictures we heard already so many stories and anecdotes…


Then we dealt with the question, how cable cars work. Why do they go so slow at the stations and where do they go at the end of the day??? Question upon question. We were allowed to look behind the scenes and to watch the drive into the garage. Phantastic. There is also a guided tour offered (without the garage part though). But also without the parking experience it is very interesting.


The rest of the week was all about one thing: Skitrail 2016. A major sporting event with 1200 participants and we were in the middle of it. We went to the snow cat drivers meeting when they talked about preparing the slopes for the races. We watched the set-up and how the tennis hall was converted into the race center with racing office, stage for the award ceremony, dispensing of numbers, exhibition stands and of course catering.

DSC_0480 DSC_0503 DSC_0510 DSC_0531

It was a joyful event for the whole family. Whether you are a skier or not.

Here you find a report about the Skitrail 2016 with much more photos!

Once again a full week with many experiences and events. And we start with a shitload of photos and experiences into our third week at the Tannheimer Valley.

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