The Meurers at the Skitrail 2016

Those who know us know also that we normally don't care about sporting events. We don't own a tv since 2008 and we nearly never attend a sporting event. If we visit a stadium it is because there is a music concert (like Deep Purple live in Concert). But now there was a huge sporting event in Tannheim: The Skitrail 2016. And because waltzing is also about looking beyond one's nose we went to see it.


We have to admit: It was fun. The organisation was perfect. We watched the installation and everything went smoothly and quiet.

DSC_0556 DSC_0558 DSC_0582

We have no clue about cross country skiing but the event was even interesting for know-nothings. Friday there was a training with Peter Schlickenrieder. Only by watching it you could take quite a few tipps home. And we actually have seen some spectators doing dry practices.


In the late afternoon there was a technique course for children. That was so much fun. A lot of different exercises had to been done on cross country skis. Drive through goals, turn around in a circle, throw balls into a bucket, drive without ski sticks and so on. More than 150 children joined the event and it was great fun for everybody.

On Saturday and Sunday the real races took place and it was very impressive when so many people started on the trail at once. On Saturday some hot air balloons joined the show. That was a great sight. And even non-skiers liked the event.


After the starts even the hot air balloons took off. It is always such a nice view.

DSC_1065 DSC_1074 DSC_1080

There have been many different races and before you had explored the area where different things were shown and offered the first skiers already arrived at the finish. It got never boring. You could try out skis and sticks. Or learn how to wax-polish or let your skis wax-polish professionally in the first place. There was food for the skiers and even a video wall.


An expert moderator team gave you all the necessary informations and great entertainment.


The event was rounded up with cool music and you could get food and drinks – even self-made cakes from some ladies. Phantastic! On Sunday the weather was completely different. There were huge amounts of snow. But that did not harm the mood. At the start all skiers and spectators were optimistic.

DSC_1458 DSC_1551

Some exhibitors set up their booths in the tennis hall where you could easily spend your time and wait for the skiers to come back for the stadium round or for the finish. But overall this skitrail is fun and every participant could go in their own pace and was safely accompanied to the finish.


Nobody had to overstrain. This is also a nice part of this event. Even very slow skiers are treated with respect. You could spend the whole weekend at the area or in the converted tennis hall. It was never stressy. And somehow a very familiar atmosphere.


If sporting events are like that we will go in future more often to watch them.

Skitrail Friday

Skitrail Saturday

Skitrail Sunday


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