Photo of the Year 2015

At the beginning of the year we asked for your help to find our photo of the year. We were not able to decide ourselves. We finally had time to count all your comments and draw a winner. We had 23 comments with 22 votes. One comment did not vote for a specific photo (We told you. It was difficult) We only counted the first vote. So in case you mentioned place 1 to 3 we only took into account the number 1 picture . So the photo “Field” won with 6 votes. 

Kornfeld Schwarzwald
Kornfeld Schwarzwald

Right behind followed the photo “Silent Night” with 3 votes. 8 more photos counted 2 or 1 votes each. Three photos did not get a vote at all. Those were:

  • Umbrella 2
  • Sundown Saxony 2
  • Peter Van 2
  • Sunrise Black Forest 2
  • Rain Saxony 2
  • Forest in flower 1
  • Gföll Path 1
  • Hintersee 1

We found the winner by asking our twitter follower to tell us a number between 1 and 23. The first number we received was “15”. We counted the comments in order of their appearance and so Reto is the winner. Congratulations!

The hiking map of the Saxon Switzerland goes to Switzerland. How nice! Maybe we will meet there…

UPDATE: Reto was really happy to win the prize, but would rather like to give the win to someone else, as he won't be able to visit Saxon Switzerland soon. Thank you Reto. So we use our second number:

Therefore our new winner is Benjamin! Congrtulations!

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