Outdoor and Culture

Once again we were motivated by a blog carnival to think about a special subject.

This time it was about culture and open air. We do not remember a special event but thought about what we have experienced during the last months and weeks. So many things catch our eyes while taking a walk or hiking. Also some very small and tiny things that you would not describe as outdoor culture. Of course there are big events or offers but the small ones that you discover casually stay in our minds because they have touched us emotionally.

Let’s start from the beginning:


Nagelköpfle Niedernsill

In Niedernsill there is a celtic place. We spent there some time and could imagine that a long long time ago something big has happened there.


There is also a wonderful herbal garden which is open for public and free of charge and has become a meeting point for some people. You just feel good in it.

Barfußpark Dornstetten

We have been at the barefoot park in Dornstetten in the black forest. Unbelievable about how many different undergrounds you can walk…

Wandern auf dem Holzweg

In Baiersbronn we walked a wood way. That is a playful nature trail about the subject wood. Walking from Grünthal to Dornstetten you will pass by the old forest court and a privat museum. At least there were a lot of old tools displayed and arranged in the garden.

Tal der Hämmer

Also in Baiersbronn is the valley of the hammer located. There in former times people earned their living with processing metal. Today you can still see some of that on a nice round tour.


The mostly huge parks of castles offer a great possibility to combine culture and nature. Or you first take a guided tour through the castle and after that take a stroll through the park. In Freudenstadt we walked a nature event trail. A really nice path with funny trials. Have you ever looked into the sky through an open stumb??

Wandergolf in Lofer im Saalachtal im Salzburgerland
Wandergolf in Lofer im Saalachtal im Salzburgerland

In the Saalach valley we played hiking golf. The wholes in old tools were very special besides there beautiful nice trail. Sometimes we asked ourselves what the device was meant for. There were also cosy Kneipp facilities which were more than just a footbath. And we walked the fence way. There you can lear a lot about different ways to build fences in Salzburg Land.


As self-confessed castle fans we walked a part of the Rhein-Burgen-Weg Trail. Fantastic!

So all in all we spent quite some time outdoors. We also do photowalks in different place but we also just are outside without any further task. We very often find something that is not considered to be culture but surprises us nonetheless.

When we walk a learning path we try out nearly everything – if it is interactiv. Unfortunately a lot of learning paths are just full of information boards. We love the ways where we can try things out. Then you become a child again and can play around. Even if it looks stupid to a bystander… Sadly some paths are not well cared about. This is such pity.

Anyway! We enjoy nature with all facettes whether with or without culture!






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