Week 39 – ITB Berlin

Berlin bei Nacht

Our 39th waltzing week we used to visit for the second time the ITB in Berlin and to visit and meet  old friends

Many of you offered us a bed and a stay whenever we have a gap in our tour dates so that we do not have to sleep under the bridge. A big thank you at this point four you all!

In Berlin we had two offers for a stay; one from an old school friend from Achim and another one from a very nice person we met at a barcamp. So nothing could keeps us from visiting the ITB.

Sunday is our changing day. So we arrived in the evening in Berlin and had a very nice evening with old friends

On Monday we had some doctor’s appointment. Cheers for Berlin where you can get an appointment in very short notice when even our great doctor’s apointement service from our health insurance despaired.

On Tuesday we had an awesome workshop with keep-Consult. Special thanks to them for the professional seminar and all the inspiration and motivation.

It was all about to figure out how we can present ourselves. We don’t fit in the usual schemes. We are neither travelbloggers nor journalists. So it is very difficult to explain in one sentence what we do. To avoid misunderstandings it is very important for us to be able to explain concisely what we can offer. And it was about explaining why we don’t need respectively have a media kit. Or that we don’t want to be entered into the photographer database. So we have for a couple of hours we faced up to the different challenges and questions. So we had several light bulb moments. And we learned and gained a lot from that.

The next day we could directly use what we learned before…

2015 we had been for the first time at the ITB and had without any appointments 70 talks. This year we had some appointments in advance and have been registered to some networking events. Apart from that we just strolled through the halls.

Some partners from last year invited us again this year. Which was very nice. Some talks we had surprisingly in the middle of the aisle or we agreed there to meet next day.

The evening and networking events have been also very interesting. We met old acquaintances and could chat with many people. One networking event was really intense. We were supposed to bring two words which were written on a card. With this card we should approach at least six people and learn why they have chosen their words. For a minimum of six business cards we could take part in a draw. And we also did win something: Packing cubes. Which is great because I always wanted to try those.

We brought X business cards with us from the ITB. And no we are looking forward to the follow up. We want to write everybody and also include the desired information.

On the public days we avoided the ITB and went to a museum instead. And we did some sightseeing in Berlin.

A very exhausting but again interesting week. And it was very nice to meet such engaged persons and old friends.

Here are some impressions from the city: Berlin at night 😉


Und hier noch das Storify von der Woche: