Week 40: Active at Hotel Weinbergschlösschen

Our 40th week we spent for the second time at the hotel Weinbergschlösschen at the upper middle rhine valley. This time everything was about the hotel again. Family Lambrich has changed quite a bit of the hotel again and built a bright meeting room and changed the lobby into an entrance hall.


But that was not enough. This week was also quite active.

At the Weinbergschlösschen you can not only eat very well but you can also learn how to cook in their cooking school. So in this school you can watch how professionals cook, but you can also try it out yourself. In the end you can enjoy a four or five course meal that was prepared with some companions.

At each place in the kitchen all needed ingredients are waiting. And after a glass of sparkling wine for relaxation work starts. One professional cook attends a small group of people and explains everything and show how it is done. After that it is up to the students to finish the work. After everything is prepared the meals are arranged on the plates and the group can enjoy the different courses with accompanying selected wine. In between you get a lot of tipps for your own kitchen from the cooks.

During the week when we have been at the hotel there were two different cooking courses. But there was also some culinary arts out of the hotel. We had a surprising wine tasting at a nearby wineyard. Normally we don’t like white wines because they contain too much acid for our taste. But the Rieslings from this winery were very smooth but still dry. That was nice!

DSC_5619 DSC_5642 DSC_5645

And we we also did a culinary hike. We started directly from the hotel and walked through the vineyards, where work had just started. At different viewing points we stopped to enjoy the landscape but also to try some wine. And at one corner we did not only get something to drink but also something to eat. In the middel of the vineyard there was a refreshing point, where we got a very nice piece of lamb. After that we walked back to the hotel. What a nice way of hiking.

DSC_5659 DSC_5692 DSC_5697 DSC_5699

Finally we participated in the spring awakening of the middle rhine moments. Here ten cooks and ten wine grower presented their arts at the Rheinfels Castle. In many different rooms even in the kitchen you could try everything they had to offer. From soup to starters and from main dishes to desserts. Again a very nice culinary event.

Of course you also just hike around the environment of the hotel and enjoy the landscapes. For example the landmark Gizze Gibbel.

DSC_5948-Bearbeitet DSC_5959 DSC_5972

A culinary week full of activities and events.

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