Week 48: Bolzano – Encounter of Cultures

After having stayed at the lakeside we went right into town: Bolzano.


We stayed at the Hotel Post Gries. But also Bolzano is contemplative. So contemplative that on Sunday we nearly got nothing to eat. Introspectively it went on. Strolling down the street of Freedom to the river and through the park with different sports and activity possibilities.

Suedtirol-Sueden-Stadt-Bozen_0437 Suedtirol-Sueden-Stadt-Bozen_0440 Suedtirol-Sueden-Stadt-Bozen_0462 Suedtirol-Sueden-Stadt-Bozen_0475

Everything here is big. Big places. Big parks. Big arcades. Big monuments. Huge alleys. Beautiful. And as slowing down as the week before. No urban bustle. More Meditarranean. Nobody runs. Everybody walks slowly. Well! In the traffic people honk. And some shout into their phone. But otherwise it is quiet. Water calms down. And there is water in the middle of the town. At least there is a laundromat. You can pass the time with a coffee. We did everything in Bolzano by foot. Our car stayed in the underground car park. Two or three times we went by bus. We did not know hot it works. But we put on a brave face. Distances are little. You can walk everywhere.

Suedtirol-Sueden-Stadt-Bozen_0473 Suedtirol-Sueden-Bozen-Gunschna-Promenade-Wanderweg_0508 Suedtirol-Sueden-Bozen-Altstadt-Ansichten_0789

We quarreled with the Wifi though. Vodafone was empty and we could not reload it. First you have to deactivate the SIM card and after that you need to activate it. Of course there is an activation fee. And of course we were in a small phone shop where we spent more than one hour before everything was worked out after loud phone calls.


Unhurried are also the promenades. Spiral up the mountain. At each corner you stop to admire a plant. Or a view. You also need time for eating. Everything is prepared fresh.

Leisurely you can walk through the small alleys and you can go shopping. Or you have a drink. Or a coffee. Or you visit one or another church. The evenings are also nice. There are a lot bikers. And you get also beer. Brewed in the city. With South Tyrollean spices but according to the German purity law. Cosy.

Cathedral Bolzano

Suedtirol-Sueden-Bozen-Dom-Kirche_0701_700_699_698_697_696_695_694_HDR-Bearbeitet Suedtirol-Sueden-Bozen-Dom-Kirche_0711_10_09_08_07_06_05_04_03_HDR-Bearbeitet Suedtirol-Sueden-Bozen-Dom-Kirche_0712 Suedtirol-Sueden-Bozen-Dom-Kirche_0721_20_19_18_17_16_15_14_13_HDR-Bearbeitet

There are bars and nightlife. And there is Aperitivo. A nice get together with a drink which can last so long that you don’t get to eating. That is called Aperitivo Lungo. Also comfortable.

Aperitivo Lungo at Parkhotel Laurin

Working was also unhurried. Because the Wifi worked at a leisurely pace and some times did not work at all. Weather was mixed. But okay.

Suedtirol-Sueden-Stadt-Bozen_0437 Suedtirol-Sueden-Stadt-Bozen_0486 Suedtirol-Sueden-Stadt-Bozen_0483 Suedtirol-Sueden-Bozen-Gunschna-Promenade-Wanderweg_0524-Bearbeitet

Our mood went up and down. There was a nasty cancellation for last week of May. But good news in the form of tax assessment notes. A exasperating matter is closed and we got new and very interesting inquiries.

The mountains are next. We are curious.

Street of Freedom and Park Bolzano

Oldtown Bolzano


Markets Bolzano


Batzenbräu Bolzano

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