A Photowalk through Pirna

The small village at the Elbe has more to offer than the amazing view of a tableau of Canaletto.


If you stroll through the small streets and alleyways you can discover much more.

We tried it ourselves and walked with cameras and open eyes through the small town. There is so much to be seen and photographed. There are old fronts and gables of the houses. But you should also have a look onto the roofs.

You will find portals on nearly every house. There are even seats in the entrance doorways. A great invention. Why don’t they exist any more?

Above the entrances you will find house labels. They told who was living in a house before the house numbers came up. Some details like door knockers you might also like. Everything of course invites you to takes pictures.

Another nice photo subject are the different billboards which are partly historical and partly done in an old style. So it pays to look up once in a while.

But there is even something to be discovered on the ground. Let your eyes wander. There are backyards and doorways, alleys and paths. Behind a corner or even in a doorway there is something to be seen.

In case you still have not enough from the old stones and history you can have a walk through the parks, walk up to the castle or go down to the banks of the Elbe.

Pirna has got something for everyone.