Malerweg Stage 7 with Pfaffenstein

On a part of a stage of the Malerweg there lies a terrific viewpoint: The Pfaffenstein. But even if you don’t go the whole Malerweg the Pfaffenstein is a nice destination.

We started directly from the parking lot. We recommend to buy a one day ticket because you never know how long the trip will take…

Here you have – like on other stages of the Malerweg, too – different possibilties. And sometimes different levels of difficulty. We have been suggested to do the Nadelöhr. Well then!

First zu walk up on a stone path with a very nice view to the Festung Königstein. After that you walk through a forest on a small path. And there also the steps start.

But there is also a lovely place under a huge rock for a short rest. After that it’s all steps. Steps and steps… Wooden steps or step stones oder steal ladders. But it always goes up.


Inbetween the rocks open to a gorgeous view and you can imagine what expects you on top. Take a breath. And walk on.

And there is the Nadelöhr (eye of a needle). Guess why it is called eye? Well! That is really narrow. Do we fit with our backpacks? You have to press yourself towards the ladder in order to bring you back luggage through. Your cloths and bags should not be too sensitive.

You are rewarded with a stunning vista. Countless rocks invite you to stroll through and everywhere there are view points – some with – some without a guard rail. Rocks as well as views invite you to take pictures. Some other table mounts and other places of interest can be seen from there.

In case that was not enough climbing and narrowness you can search for the cave. The legend says a forger has lived here quite a while. The cave is not easy to find but on the other hand you cannot really get lost up there.

At the cave we even discovered glow moss. It is really glowing quite bright. Fascinating.

If you like you can have a pick nick or visit the restaurant. Even the employees of the inn have to walk there every day. A smooth way does not exist and an approach by car is not possible.

Right beside the restaurant there is a view tower and a very old abandoned building. Here you can also discover some interesting things.

Before you descent you can take a junction to visit the Barbarine. The legend says a virgin is supposed to have turned to stone because she was not obedient… Also this place is somewhat hidden but with a little bit of intuition you should manage.

Beside there is another view to the rock needle. But here you need to clime. I did not do it. You don’t have to try everything in life…

For descending we choose a different route. Again with steps and ladders but also very funny rock formations. You should turn around once in a while. From the other direction everything looks completely different. In case you take a different way you would not be able to experience it. So look back sometimes!

In the end we walked over a stone path with another stunning view towards Feste Königstein and from there to the parking place. Time data are all hallow words. You should calculate with more time than announced anywhere…

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