On the Malerweg – Stage 4

Today we walked a part of the Malerweg, Stage 4. For the whole Malerweg or a complete stage we unfortunately do not have the time. But a part of a stage is just as interesting.


We choose the Schrammsteine and started in Ostrich. From the first meters on the way is beautiful. You walk through the forest and after each curve you have a new view. You walk through a hollow way. Or walk on a broad way with light woods on the side. Or you walk through a darker part where plants grow thickly and stones carry moss. It will never get boring.


Everywhere small paths depart from the trail, which are for climbers. We let them best and stayed on the track of the Malerweg.


By the way: Each rock here has its own name. Some are chosen after the form others are from the climbers that reached the top first. Or there is a legend.

We Meurers had of course to go to the „Meurerturm“. That was a must! According to a detailed description in a climbers handbook we found it quite fast. Very impressive. Nice that our namesakes have been here before.


A short while later we reached the Schrammsteintor. Here you spend quite some time. The rocks have incredible forms and colours. Everywhere you see faces or figures. And there is something special about the place. For photographers it is a treasure. I guess nobody can just walk past here…


At the gate you will also see the first treads. A small foretaste for the next part of the route… There are wooden steps or those that are carved in stone. All that makes the way picturesque.

Every now and then there is a beautiful view or a vista and after that you walk on through shadowy parts of the woods. Small paths with blueberries at the side or broad ways with roots crossing. Again the route is diversified and beautiful.

The ascent to the Schrammsteinaussicht is made out of steps, ladders, grids and rock steps. Not suitable for everyone. There are nearly always alternate routes, which are not that challenging. You should inform yourself before the hike. You should also check whether the way is suitable for dogs. Not every dog likes to walk over grids and might have to be carried.


For all those that are sure-footed and get to the viewpoint there is a stunning view. Panorama and vista and a proper style bench for a rest. Again photographers will get crazy. Just breathtaking.


The descent will be the same path as the ascent. Again over ladders and steps. A real highlight on the stage of the Malerweg. But also the whole route without the junction to the Schrammsteine is worth a walk. Here you can really say: The journey is the reward.

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