Week 50 – Spring in Tannheimer Tal

Actually we should have been somewhere else. In Estonia or so. In our ‚tourdates‘ it stated for several months „travel agency in formation“. Well – not really. It was a travel agency which wanted to expand into a new business field. And suddenly we were not needed any more. Very annoying that we have been told on a very short notice. But…

There are serial bookers. So the Tannheimer Valley used the window of opportunity and the Meurers experienced the valley in spring.


In the winter times we very much liked it. We even have tried cross country skiing. And now in spring everything that was white before is green. And instead of kilometers of slopes there are ways. For biker. For strollers. For hikers. But it is still cosy. A far reaching view. No haste. Being outside. Pure relaxation.

Tannheimer-Tal-Fruehling-Landschaft-Wiese-Blumen_1967_6_5_4_3_HDR Tannheimer-Tal-Fruehling-Landschaft-Wiese-Blumen_2034 Tannheimer-Tal-Fruehling-Landschaft-Wiese-Blumen_2055_4_3_2_1_HDR

Because of a bad weather forecast we started directly after our arrival and drove once across the valley. From Nesselwängle to Schattwald. And everywhere there was spring:

Tannheimer-Tal-Fruehling-Landschaft-See-Haldensee_1979_8_7_6_5_HDR-Bearbeitet Tannheimer-Tal-Fruehling-Landschaft-Wiese-Blumen_1955 Tannheimer-Tal-Fruehling-Landschaft-Wiese-Blumen_2057 Tannheimer-Tal-Fruehling-Landschaft-Wiese-Blumen_2067_6_5_4_3_HDR Tannheimer-Tal-Fruehling-Landschaft-Wiese-Blumen_2124 Tannheimer-Tal-Fruehling-Landschaft-Wiese-Blumen_2143 Tannheimer-Tal-Fruehling-Landschaft-Wiese-Blumen_2158

The different villages pranked. The lake had a magical green. The meadows glowed in green and showed an indescribable sea of blossom. All kinds of flowers can be seen here. Bees are summing around. And you can look very faaaaaaaaaaar.

Tannheimer-Tal-Fruehling-Landschaft-See-Haldensee_2026_5_4_3_2_HDR Tannheimer-Tal-Fruehling-Landschaft-Wiese-Blumen_1959_8_7_HDR Tannheimer-Tal-Fruehling-Landschaft-Wiese-Blumen_2049_8_7_6_5_HDR Tannheimer-Tal-Fruehling-Landschaft_2361

The predicted rain came and cleared everything. The air smelled incredibly fresh and good and the meadows were – if possible at all – even more colourful and opulent.

Tannheimer-Tal-Fruehling-Landschaft_2357 Tannheimer-Tal-Fruehling-Landschaft_2372_1_0_HDR

On Thursday – the bank holiday we saw two different Corpus Christi processions in Schattwald and Jungholz. Very interesting to see how this is celebrated in different countries. At the Tannheimer Tal  there are also guns fired. Does anyone know why the statues are carried backwards? And why there are so many different statues?


After having watched the procession we wanted to move ourselves and walked the high route in Jungholz. What shall we say… We definitely needed more time than signposted…


And we rode a bicycle. The bikes we could rent at our hotel. Great! The routes are very well signposted and there are several rest stops on the way. And there is much to be seen.

Tannheimer-Tal-Fruehling-Landschaft_2345 Tannheimer-Tal-Fruehling-Landschaft_2356 Tannheimer-Tal-Fruehling-Landschaft_2363 Tannheimer-Tal-Fruehling-Landschaft_2364 Tannheimer-Tal-Fruehling-Landschaft_2367 Tannheimer-Tal-Fruehling-Landschaft_2368 Tannheimer-Tal-Fruehling-Landschaft_2373 Tannheimer-Tal-Fruehling-Landschaft_2375 Tannheimer-Tal-Fruehling-Landschaft_2380_79_78_77_76_HDR

Wir freuen uns jetzt schon auf den Sommer im Tannheimer Tal!