Week 54: At the Kannenbäckerland

We stayed in Rhineland-Palatinate and drove from the Ahrtal to the Westerwald. We stayed at hotel Zugbrücke. A great conference hotel with perfect rooms and very fast Wifi. Hallelujah! A small meeting room was our office for this week. That was pure luxury.


After our usual schedule planning we strolled through Grenzau. Well we admit, this is done fast, but you will recognize quickly that there is one main topic: ceramic. Everywhere you see things made out of ceramic. Pots, vases, house numbers, figures and even the village map. It seems there is nothing that cannot be made of ceramic.

Because the weather has not been very cooperative this week we first did everything indoor. For example hotel photos. From the bar, the huge buffet or the staff. But also from the spa department… Sometimes it is good, when you have to be the model…

Wednesday has not been so great, because we had an appointment with the dentist. Yes, that is a must; even when traveling. Unfortunately Achim came back with one tooth less than he went in… Very bad. Some days he only fed from mashed potatoes. Very annoying!


Right next day we went to explore the Kannenbäckerland. Which has some hiking trails to offer. You even can walk them in both directions. We never understood why you so many hiking trails or round tours are not described and sign posted in both directions.

Apart from hiking trails there were also the potters which are called ‚Euler‘ here. There are a lot of them. And you can visit them. But it never gets boring. Really. Because every one of them does something different. That is fascinating. The range goes from traditional salt-glazed stoneware to artistic sculptures. Luckily you do not have to visit them all by one but there are certain centers in old fabrics or in an former cinema. And there is often a cafe attached with yummy cakes.

In case you have enough from ceramics you can go back to nature. We visited the Landhuber Weiher. Four former fish ponds in the middle of a nature reserve. Very idyllic with water lilies and reed and everything.

In the evening went to Grenzau castle to make a night shot. We were flocked by lots and lots of glowflies. Wonderful.

Finally we visited some places in Ransbach-Baumbach and in Höhr-Grenzhausen. Here you will find also a lot of ceramics. There we visited a traditional pottery. You will surely know the colours and forms…

Bureaucracy still takes time. We are desperately trying to get our no-claims bonus transferred from Austria. It is not easy at all… But we keep on trying.

Again a week full of ups and downs.