Week 57: At the BurgStadtHotel

Week 57 we spent at the BurgStadtHotel in Kastellaun. A quite unusual hotel. Which hotel do you know that has a camping ground attached to it and also a flight simulator.

But one thing after the other…

After our arrival we had a short trip to Kastellaun and walked to the old town with the castle. And we have been to the lavender labyrinth.

Of course we did some photo sessions at the camping ground. A real photo shoot with models and props. Even camper models…

And we had a photoshooting at the travel agency Faber, which was great fun.



We walked the kyrill hiking path which demonstrates the power of a storm but also shows how nature fights its way back.

In the eventing we could enjoy some very colorful sunsets. One evening we went out with an old-timer Fort Model A and visited some nice places.



And we had to try out the flight simulator of course. Interesting how excited you get even when you know that it is just a simulation. We did some very interesting landings, which was very cool, because we had been there before. Like Madeira or St. Maarten.

This time we could use the washing machine at the camping ground. Unfortunately we had to do some annoying office work. The insurance issue is still not solved. And there was some other stuff to do.

Again a week full of happenings. And we met very nice people.