Week 60: Still at the Tannheimer Tal


Our third week at the Tannheimer Valley startet with pure luxury: no moving! We could just stay. No packing! No carloading! No journey… Heaven.

About our second week you can read here.

But we still had enough to do. Editing photos, writing texts and put storifies together. It never gets boring.

Monday we had a special photo shooting. At the new openend climbing and boulder hall at Tannheim. Some ambitious climbers have also been there to test the different routes and problems. And we were among of them. No – not for climbing. Just for watching!

Erlebnispfad Neunerköpfle Tannheim

Erlebnispfad Neunerköpfle Tannheim Erlebnispfad Neunerköpfle Tannheim

Talking about watching! A sunset is always nice to watch. Also at the Tannheimer Tal you can experience some very nice events. Unfortunately the cable car does not go at that time. That would be great. A sunset tour…

Erlebnispfad Neunerköpfle Tannheim

Erlebnispfad Neunerköpfle Tannheim

Tannheimertal-Sommer-Sonnenuntergang_8116_17_18_19_20_21_22 1 Tannheimertal-Sommer-Sonnenuntergang_8112_HDR 1

We also visited the water play ground in Schattwald; also with models. This time they were really young… But everybody had fun there. Even the photographer…

We walked some theme ways like the Holy-Father-Way. A nice meditative way in a nice surrounding. Here you can spent some time and turn inward and reflect.

The second way was the old salt street. Very impressive. How difficult the transport of salt and wine barrels must have been in former times. The Gachtpass is quite steep but today nicely fixed. And the bridges have been renovated. In winter part of the street is used as a toboggan run.

Again there was much to discover. But we still some things on our list that we would like to do at the Tannheimer Tal. There are some huts but also ways and mountain tops. And we have some handicraft in our mind…

We will be back in October though…

Bureacracy still takes its time. We have some forms to fill in. And we are looking for an agency for us. So If you happen to know someone who knows someone… Let aus know. We are thankful for any tipp.

All Photos © Waltzing Meurers


Water Playground


Old Salt-Street